Extremely Hard General Knowledge #46

Answer these DIFFICULT random trivia questions.
Quiz by JoeRainford
Last updated: January 30, 2023
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First submittedJanuary 10, 2022
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What is the name of the Portuguese musical genre whose name translates to fate?
Who played Sophia Petrillo in all episodes of The Golden Girls from 1985 to 1992?
Estelle Getty
Complete this sequence in Mathematics showing the first four hyperoperations: Addition, Multiplication, Exponentiation, _________ ?
Who was sworn in as the Argentinian President on 10th December 2019?
Alberto Fernández
The effect seen (a supercurrent) when two superconductors are placed in proximity, with some barrier or restriction between them, is named after which British physicist?
Brian Josephson
What was the name of the Portuguese woman that who was married to King Charles II from 1662 until his death in 1685?
Catherine of Braganza
In the Chronicles of Narnia books what is the surname of the four siblings Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy?
Who was the only woman to have two solo UK Number Ones in the 1970s with "Can the Can" and "Devil Gate Drive"?
Suzi Quatro
Which Latin term is often used in law and generally means "a favour for a favour"?
Quid pro quo
Who was the BBC News Political Editor from 1992 until 2000?
Robin Oakley
Which Greek painter of the Spanish Renaissance movement works included The Disrobing of Christ and Adoration of the Magi?
El Greco
In which UK city would you find the National Space Centre?
In 1947, which American pilot became the first person to break the sound barrier?
Chuck Yeager
Which poet-diplomat and politician, often considered the national poet of Chile, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971?
Pablo Neruda
In reference to the number of tribes of Manas that united against the Uyghurs, how many rays are on the sun on the flag of Kyrgyzstan?
Which mountain in Yukon, Canada is the highest mountain in Canada and the second highest in North America?
Mount Logan
In 1957, who became the first person to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contestant with "All"?
Patricia Bredin
What is the name of the collective pseudonym used by the Coen brothers that was nominated for the Best Film Editing Oscar for No Country for Old Men (2007)?
Roderick Jaynes
In Greek Mythology, which daughter of Uranus and Gaia was the mother of the nine muses?
What L is the name of a traditional German Christmas cookie, which is similar to gingerbread?
Level 56
Jan 10, 2022
Nice! I got 7, which I'm quite pleased with, although I really should have remembered Suzi Quatro