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A 10-foot-high statue of which former U. S. President is located in Pristina, Kosovo?Bill Clinton
Which city outside Los Angeles is home to the Disneyland Resort, an NHL team called the Ducks, and an MLB team called the Angels?Anaheim
How many years long was the Hundred Years War?116
Which Ski resort in Canada is the largest in North America and was host to most of the events at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver?Whistler
Thought to have either come from a corruption of the Latin for dagger man or meaning "the man from Kerioth", what second name is the apostle Judas known in the Bible?Iscariot
On January 1st of which year was the Republic of China created, following the fall of the Qing dynasty?1912
Which East-Asian edible root can fetch a lot of money if shaped like a human?Ginseng
Taken from the Mandarin word for "space" what name is the Western name given to a Chinese astronaut?Taikonaut
What is the name of the fourth deepest lake in the world and the largest lake in Antarctica?Lake {Vostok}
Which two novels by Charles Dickens first appeared in his weekly periodical Master Humphrey's Clock?The Old Curiosity Shop
Who presented the BBC antiques show Flog It! from 2002-2020?Paul Martin
The song "Spaceman" by which band became the UK Number One in 1996 after a Levi's jeans advert?Babylon Zoo
Who became the first woman to win Best Lead Actress in 1929 for her performances in three different films and was also nominated for Best Lead Actress in A Star is Born(1937)?Janet Gaynor
Who composed the theme tune for the TV series Mission: Impossible(1966-1973)?Lalo Schifrin
Which novel by Joseph Heller published in 1994, is the sequel to his popular 1961 novel Catch-22?Closing Time
Who was married to King George III from 1761 until her death in 1818?{Charlotte} of {Mecklenburg-Strelitz}
What is the real name of the American rapper known as MC Hammer?Stanley Kirk Burrell
Which two novels by Charles Dickens first appeared in his weekly periodical Master Humphrey's Clock?Barnaby Rudge
Sam Waley-Cohen won the 2022 Grand National on which horse?Noble Yeats
Who won the 2020 Giro d'Italia road cycling stage race?Tao Geoghegan-Hart

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