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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Maladroit.
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Times taken 13,944
Quizmaker Rank # 1,560
4,0742020-03-28Former Colonies of the British Empire
1,2692020-05-21NBA Teams by Pictures
1,1022019-03-13NFL Teams by Pictures
6142020-04-03Ten Highest HDI Countries in Europe
5842017-05-02The Formula One Quiz
5492018-02-07Formula One Quiz #3
4842018-01-16Formula One Quiz #2
4742017-08-03Formula One Quiz #1
4562018-12-06The Chronicles of Narnia Quiz
3882018-05-22MLB Teams by Pictures
3822017-12-07Bible Decoder
3332017-03-31Shakespeare Decoder
2942020-04-04Name a Valid NFL Team
2552017-12-01Ultimate Christmas Quiz
2112017-12-08Random Decoder #1
1882020-04-07Top 100 MLB Players by WAR
1502020-03-24NCAA Golf Champions
1452017-08-1452 Prepositions
1372018-04-12Teams with College Championships in Football and Basketball
1312017-11-14Four Letter Words Containing 'ng'
1252020-04-10Top 100 Most Popular Animated Series
1092017-11-03Controversies of Jetpunk
1042017-02-28The 25 Most Visited Websites
992017-12-13Greece Decoder
902020-03-28Name a Valid MLB Player
852020-03-28Name a Valid College Football Team
852017-11-08Cloudiest U.S. Cities
722017-11-08Words Beginning With Double Letters
692017-11-26Largest and Smallest Things
592017-08-22States by Percentage of Population in Largest City
592018-01-10Historical Failures
582017-11-02Words That Rhyme With Be
532017-05-03Countries by Bordering Countries
522017-02-24Words That Rhyme With 'Rhyme'
512018-05-02The Lord of the Rings Quiz
492017-05-03Largest Companies
472018-05-01The Hobbit Quiz
472017-03-28Largest Countries by Letter
432018-01-10Every NFL Team
412018-01-24Not Countries
402020-02-21College Football National Champions
402017-12-20The Easy Quiz
332020-02-27Historical Failures 2
282020-02-21NAQT YGK Visual Arts
252018-12-06Comma Quiz
212017-03-23Answers Contain Life
212017-05-04Highest Things
152017-02-24Names by People
152017-05-04Lowest Things
142017-04-18Top 10 Most Common Google Searches
132017-03-21Famous Marches
132017-04-27Country Facts #1
112017-03-22Top 10 Least-Guessed Countries
92017-12-19Health Quiz 2
92017-12-19Health Quiz
62017-03-09Who Was...?
62018-05-18Geometry Quiz
52017-08-17Postulates - Chapter 1
32018-02-07Geometry Chapter 6 Theorems