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Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Country #10-4.96126,136
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Name a Valid Word #10-4.8788,303
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Name an Official Language A-Z0-4.90118,221
Random Sequential European Countries on a Map0-5.00181,701
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European Map without 10 Random Countries0-4.97220,752
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Top Five Countries By Fruit Production0-4.9332,966
U.S. Map with Random Merged States0-4.93236,531
Random Countries on the Borderless World Map0-4.99138,167
Europe Map with Random Merged Countries0-4.95215,278
Name a Valid Country #70-4.8972,155
Name a Valid Country A-Z0-4.9665,808
Top Five Languages by Language Family0-4.9936,601
Name a Valid Country #80-4.8540,007
Category Elimination - European Geography #20-4.98125,155
Category Elimination - Capital Cities #20-4.8459,684
Category Elimination - European Countries #10-4.8465,833
Category Elimination - European Geography #30-4.8253,227
Category Elimination - African Geography #10-4.9070,886
Category Elimination - Asian Geography #20-4.9471,691
Name a Valid Island Country0-4.9581,275
Name a Valid European Country #20-4.9573,765
Category Elimination - Country Flags #10-4.96106,692
Countries that Beat Canada0-4.9270,414
Name a Country A-Z0-5.00135,396
Countries that Beat Spain0-4.8944,614
Countries that Beat Germany0-4.8661,715
Name a Valid First-Level Subdivision for Every Country0-4.9837,586
Random Circular Cutouts of the World Map0-4.9758,022
Countries that Beat Egypt0-4.9344,799
Countries that Beat Portugal0-4.8130,310
Divided World City Name Puzzle #20-4.8822,993
Africa Map with Random Merged Countries0-4.9642,307
Paint by Numbers0-4.9749,743
Country Quiz on a Map - France0-4.9727,284
Crayola Crayon Colors 64 Pack0-4.9740,151
Country Quiz on a Map - USA0-4.9725,974
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The Sun Quiz0-4.9323,823