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3,1922019-11-24Countries With Most 'A's in its Name
1,7472019-02-14I Can Guess Your US State (Remake)
1,2652018-03-01Countries that End with S
1,2032017-07-29Guess the Country
7462017-08-03Countries A-Z Closest To An Unknown Country #14
5382017-08-03Countries A-Z Closest To An Unknown Country #9
3972017-08-03Countries A-Z Closest To An Unknown Country #10
3742017-08-03Countries A-Z Closest To An Unknown Country #12
3562017-08-03Countries A-Z Closest To An Unknown Country #11
3432017-08-03Countries A-Z Closest To An Unknown Country #13
3052017-07-19French Speaking Countries
2152017-07-29Guess the Country #2
1742018-03-22Countries A-Z Closest To An Unknown Country #15
1732018-04-06Longest Country Names
1552017-07-29Guess the Country #3
1462018-01-27Guess the Asian Country
1392019-08-05Countries A-Z Closest To An Unknown Country #16
1232017-07-29Guess the Country #5
1222018-11-20European Countries with the Highest Average IQ
1202017-07-29Guess the Country #4
1062018-10-28States with Most Mormons
1032018-03-26Most Populous Countries South of the Equator
932017-12-19Capitals Closest to an Unknown Capital by Letter #1
872018-03-11Guess My Country
802018-01-23Guess the Country #6
742019-08-05Highest-Ranking Colleges
732017-07-28Countries by Largest Island
712018-02-05I Can Guess Your European Country
712018-02-03Countries with Most Prisoners Per Capita
702017-12-20Capitals Closest to an Unknown Capital by Letter #2
682018-03-21Most Peaceful Bordering Countries
672018-01-24Guess the African Country
642018-03-22Most Peaceful Countries A-Z
622018-03-17Largest Countries by Population/Area Combined
612018-03-04Longest Borders Between US States
602018-03-21Least Peaceful Bordering Countries
552019-08-05Countries that End in E
552018-03-22Least Peaceful Countries A-Z
542018-01-31Guess the US State
512020-01-09Countries with Smallest Militaries
512018-01-23Capitals Closest to an Unknown Capital by Letter #3
492019-08-06Countries that Start and End with the Same Letter
462019-02-11Guess my US State
452018-03-11Guess My Country #2
442018-03-02European Landmark to Country
422018-11-24European Countries with the Lowest Elevation
422018-01-30I Can Guess Your Country
412018-01-29Guess the South American Country
402018-03-12Guess My Country #3
392018-03-23Happiest Countries A-Z
392018-02-28Guess the US State #2
382018-03-04Longest Border by US State
352018-02-25I Can Guess Your Country #2
342018-03-04I Can Guess Your Country #3
332018-03-07Countries with Highest Perecentage of Population in Capital (exceptions)
332018-02-10I Can Guess Your Asian Country
322018-03-27Countries with the Highest Obesity Rate A-Z
312018-01-30Guess the European Country
312018-01-29Guess the North American Country
302018-03-27Countries with the Lowest Obesity Rate A-Z
292018-02-02Countries by Military Per Capita
192018-01-29Guess the Oceanian Country
132019-02-13I Can Guess Your US State (Original)
102020-01-09Lowest Country Military Participation Rates