The Ultimate Stranger Things Quiz

Test your knowledge of Stranger Things against the toughest quiz so far! Can you complete it in 30 minutes?
Quiz by Noria
Last updated: March 5, 2017
First submittedMarch 3, 2017
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Chapter 1
What is the name of the first Chapter?
The Vanishing of Will Byers
What town do the events take place in?
What year do the events of the first series take place in?
Which main character speaks first?
What are the names of the other 3 boys?
Dustin Lucas Will
What is the first original song from the score to play?
What is the name of the monster the children are trying to avoid in their game of D&D
The Demogorgon
What number does one of the characters role at the end of the D&D game?
Which X-Men comic does Will want from Dustin?
What does Will pick up in the shed?
A Rifle
What is the name of the Hawkins Police Chief?
Jim Hopper
What is the name of Will's mother?
Joyce Byers
What are the Wheelers eating from breakfast when Joyce calls them?
Scrambled Eggs
Name one of the nicknames Troy gives to the 3 boys?
Frogface Midnight Toothless
What is Nancy's best friend called? (Full name)
Barbara Holland
Who is Nancy's Boyfriend? (Full name)
Steve Harrington
Where does Nancy ask her boyfriend to meet her?
Deerborn and Maple
Mornings are for coffee and ____________?
Where does the Chief suggest Will has gone to?
Lonnie's House
Who owns Hawkins Lab?
The Department of Energy
What is the name of the girl in the hospital gown?
What is the name of the burger diner owner?
Benny Hammond
What does Mr. Clarke have delivered for the boys?
Healthkit Ham Shack Radio
What road do the boys mention when the chief asks them at school?
What is the password to the secret hidaway castle?
What does Eleven do to the fan in the diner?
Stops it with her mind
What does the chief find on the road the boys mentioned?
Will's Bike
Who says "Am I speaking Chinese in this house?"
Karen Wheeler
What is the Chiefs deceased daughter called?
Who kills Benny?
Connie Frazier
What channel do the boys use on their walkie-talkies?
Chapter 2
What is the name of the second Chapter?
The Weirdo on Maple Street
What does Eleven first say to Mike?
What food does Mike bring to Eleven in the morning?
Eggo Waffle
What are the police good at according to the Chief?
What does Mike accuse Nancy of learning?
Human Anatomy
What brand of walkie-talkie do the boys own?
What does Eleven do to make Mike understand how much danger she is in?
Finger-gun to the head
What does Steve plan to do on Tuesday night?
Have a House Party
What brand of chair does Ted Wheeler sleep in?
Who's picture does Eleven call pretty?
What song does Jonathon introduce to Will?
Should I Stay or Should I Go
What sport was Lonnie going to take Will to see?
What cigarette brand does Joyce smoke?
How many scientists investigate the Byers house?
What is Mike's dinosaur called?
Friends don't _____?
What event was taking place in the photo where Eleven recognised Will?
Science Fair
Who thought they could survive a jump into the quarry?
What is Lonnie's girlfriend called?
Who did Hopper question about Benny's 'suicide'?
What excuse does Nancy use to go Steve's party?
Vigil for Will
Who finds a scrap of a hospital gown on a drainage pipe?
Mr Clarke
What does Lucas say solidifies a promise?
What new item of clothing did Nancy wear to Steve's party?
A New Bra
What is Hopper's girlfriends name?
When was the last suicide in Hawkins?
What does Eleven do to the D&D game board?
Flips it
What figuring does Eleven pick for Will?
The Wizard
What does Eleven call the other dimension?
The Upside Down
What brand of camera does Jonathan own?
What body part does Barbara cut?
Who falls in the pool first?
Who's room does the Demogorgon contact first?
Chapter 3
What is the name of the third Chapter?
Holly, Jolly
What do Steve and Nancy do whilst Barbara dies?
Have Sex
What makes Nancy's mother suspicious of where she's been?
She is Wearing Steve's Sweater
What poster is hung up in Will's room?
Where does Lucas say his binoculars and knife are from?
'Nam (Vietnam)
What does Dustin contribute to Operation Mirkwood?
What is Lucas' slingshot called?
Wrist Rocket
Where does Lucas hope to shoot the Demogorgon?
The Eye
What toy figuring does Dustin try to make Eleven levitate?
The Millennium Falcon
What time does Mike ask Eleven to meet him outside his house?
What is the name of the Hawkins Lab guard outside in the guard post?
What advert makes Eleven have a painful memory?
What happens to Eleven when she uses her powers too much?
Nose Bleed
Why does Hopper think the Hawkins Lab security chief is lying?
No Rain on the Security Tape
What does Carol think she caught from the pool?
What part of the body does Mike cut when he is tripped by Troy?
What does Lucas call the rock that Dustin finds for the wrist rocket?
The Monster Killer
Who sees Jonathan's photos of Nancy in the developing room?
How many boxes of Christmas lights does Joyce buy at the General Store?
What does Karen Wheeler bring Joyce?
A Casserole
What animal did Dr. Brenner try to have Eleven kill?
How many orderlies did Eleven kill when they tried to shut her in the cell?
What did Dr. Brenner say when she killed them?
What does Nancy find when she goes looking for Barb?
Her Car
What program was Dr. Brenner part of before the events of Stranger Things?
What does Will tell Joyce to do through the lights, right before the Demogorgon appears?
What do the boys see being pulled out of the quarry water?
Will's Body
What David Bowie song plays as this is happening?
Chapter 4
What is name of the fourth Chapter?
The Body
What is Will doing through the radio at the start of Chapter 4?
What was the name of the coroner that was dismissed by State Troopers?
What does Jonathan do when he sees Will's body?
What does Joyce want to see to prove it's Will's body?
What is Steve concerned about his father finding out about?
The Beers
What body part does Dustin say that Will broke when he fell from his bike?
Who finds the dress that Eleven wears for the rest of the series?
What do both Mike and Eleven say when they see her dressed up for the first time?
Pretty. Good.
Who does Brenner send into the Upside Down?
What is the name of the other police officer who accompanies Callahan to the School to question Nancy?
Who does the coroner compare Will's body situation too when asked by Hopper?
What is the name of the State Trooper who found Will's body?
David O'Bannon
What name do the boys give Eleven when Mr. Clarke asks?
What relation do the boys claim Eleven is to Mike?
Second Cousin
Where do they claim she is from?
What does Dustin say when they walk into the assembly and everyone is there?
What does Eleven make Troy do?
Pee himself
What does Hopper say his daughter won when at the bar with O'Bannon?
Spelling Bee
Who owns the quarry?
The Sattler Company
What happens to the radio when Eleven makes contact with Will?
Catches Fire
What does Joyce do to the wall where she talks to will?
Makes a hole in it with an axe
What book is the Trooper at the morge reading?
What does Hopper find wrong with Will's body?
It's Filled With Cotton Stuffing (Fake)
Who turns up to the Byers house after the wall is damaged?
What stuffed animal does Hopper see in the Lab?
What does Dustin call the Upside Down?
The Vale of Shadows
Chapter 5
What is the name of the fifth Chapter?
The Flea and the Acrobat
Who does Hopper claim he is at Hawkins Lab to see?
Dr. Brenner
What does Hopper see down in the underground lab?
The Portal
What does Dustin theorise that Eleven can do to get to the Vale of Shadows?
Shadow Walk
What poster does Lonnie say Jonathan should take down?
The Evil Dead
Who can't tie a tie?
Who cries at Will's funeral?
Jennifer Hayes
How many yellow roses are thrown into Will's grave?
What does Joyce say Will's the Wises fireballs look like?
What does Hopper find in his ceiling light?
A Bug
What do Jonathan and Nancy plan to do when the see the Demogorgon?
Kill it
What does Jonathon take from Lonnie's glove compartment?
A Gun
What is Hugh Everett's theory called?
Many Worlds
What are humans in the flea and the acrobat theory?
The Acrobat
Who else has gone missing according to Callahan?
Monster Hunters Dale and Henry Moony
Where did the 'Staties' find Barb's car?
The Bus Station
What does Dustin find malfunctioning?
What does Joyce find in Lonnie's wallet?
A Lawyer Firm Flyer
What does Nancy almost hit Steve with?
A Bat
What film does Steve suggest Nancy and Him should go see?
All the Right Moves
Where does Jonathan want to go to College
What do Jonathan and Nancy shoot at in the woods?
Who does Jonathan say he is a fan of?
What is the name of Hopper's ex wives new husband?
Who is acting strange on the way to the gate?
Who does Dr. Brenner want Eleven to spy on?
The Russians
What do Dr. Brenner and Eleven call the sensory deprevation tank?
The Bath
Why does Eleven say the boys should turn back?
It's Not Safe
What does Eleven do to Lucas?
Makes Him Fly Through the Air
What injured animal do Nancy and Jonathan see in the woods?
A Deer
What object is the portal that Nancy goes through?
A Tree
Chapter 6
What is the name of the sixth Chapter?
The Monster
What does Jonathan shout at Nancy to do?
Follow His Voice
What does Nancy compare the Demogorgon to?
A Shark
What do they theorise that the Monster is attracted to?
What does Mr. Clarke say Connie Frazier can call him?
What is the punishment if the rule of law is disobeyed?
What does Dr. Brenner give Eleven before she makes contact?
A Potted Plant
What is Lucas' condition for getting the group back together?
No More Eleven
What does Eleven call Robert the store manager?
How many boxes of Eggos does Eleven steal?
What is the name of Terry Ives sister?
What is the name of Terry Ives daughter?
How long has her daughter been missing?
12 Years
What does Lucas have hanging above his bed?
An American Flag
What Dolly Parton song is playing in the army surplus store?
Bargain Store
What does Nancy say She and Jonathan are doing when the cashier asks?
Monster Hunting
What does the cinema billboard call Nancy?
Nancy 'the Slut' Wheeler
What is the cinema called?
The Hawk
Who assaults a police officer?
Who tells Nancy that Jonathan is in love with her?
What does Troy make Mike do to protect Dustin?
Jump into the Quarry
What do the Hawkins Lab vans say on the side?
Hawkins Power and Light
What does Eleven do to Troy?
Breaks His Arm
Chapter 7
What is the name of the seventh Chapter?
The Bathtub
What does Dustin think Lucas says over the radio?
Mad Hen
What does he actually say?
The Bad Men Are Coming
Where does Mike ask his mother to say if anyone asks where he is?
That He's Left The Country
How many vans chase the kids?
What street does Lucas ask the others to meet him on?
Elm and Cherry
What does Eleven do to the van?
Flips it Over Them Like a Badass
What does Lucas say Eleven's powers are?
What does Mike's mother find in the basement?
Blonde Wig Hair
How many agents are on the Wheelers' lawn when Ted opens the door?
What does Dr. Brenner find in the basement?
Benny's Diner Shirt
What does Dr. Brenner ask Karen Wheeler to do for him?
Trust Him
What do the kids see that makes them hide in the school bus?
A Helicopter
What does Callahan say attacked Tory?
A Little Girl
What does Troy call Eleven?
A Freak
What car make does Steve drive?
What Star Wars character does Dustin claim the Chief and Nancy are?
Lando Calarissian
Who completely trusts the government?
How many goons does Hopper take out around the bus?
What does Nancy ask Eleven when she first sees her?
Is That My Dress
Why does Eleven cry around the table in the Byers home?
She Can't Find Will or Barb
What film is Mr. Clarke watching?
The Thing
What materials did they use in the film to make the melting person?
Melted Plastic and Microwave Bubblegum
How much salt do they need for the sensory deprivation tank?
1500 Pounds
Who gets the salt?
Jonathan and Hopper
Who gets the hoses?
Nancy and Mike
What does Dustin use to test the buoyancy of the water?
What does Eleven scream when she finds Barb dead?
What does Nancy take from the police station that wasn't theirs?
Fire Extinguisher
Chapter 8
What is the name of the eighth Chapter?
The Upside Down
What does Hopper give Dr. Brenner in return for the chance to enter the Upside Down?
Gives the Location of Eleven
How many people have been taken throughout the week according to Dr. Brenner?
What do Jonathan and Nancy attach to the bear trap to signal when the Demogorgon is in the trap?
What illness does Hopper's daughter have?
What does Dustin go looking for in the kitchens?
Lunchlady Phyllis' Chocolate Pudding
What does Nancy almost do to Steve when he won't leave?
Shoot Him
What book does Hopper read to his daughter?
Anne of Green Gables
What school dance does Mike want to go to with Eleven?
Snow Ball
What do Mike and Eleven do that is probably the cutest thing ever?
How many henchmen and agents does Eleven kill in the hallway?
What does Eleven call Dr. Brenner in the hallway?
What is in Will's mouth when Hopper and Joyce find him?
A Slug
Which family members arrive at the school to find Micheal?
Karen and Ted
What does Jonathan make for Will whilst he is in hospital?
A Mixtape
What does Will roll in the last D&D game?
Name one of the 'unexplained plot points' at the end of the D&D game?
The Lost Knight, The Proud Princess, The Weird Flowers in The Cave
What does Nancy and Steve get Jonathan for Christmas?
A New Camera
What is left in the box for Eleven?
What present does Will think he's getting?
What county is Hawkins in?
What state is Hawkins in?
When is the second season release date?
October, 30 (Halloween)
Level 16
Mar 20, 2017
Honestly an amazing quiz - so much fun cause stranger things is my life - well done
Level 49
Nov 26, 2017
Consider allowing Ben Hammond for the diner owner.
Level 48
Mar 11, 2020
Great quiz! I could never have the patience to create this tho
Level 21
Aug 22, 2022
Hopper's daughter is sara not sarah :)
Level 17
Sep 13, 2022
bro so long but so good