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7232018-03-26Pokemon that change types through evolution
3402017-04-04Gen 1 Pokemon (Biggest to Smallest)
2052018-01-16Pokemon Signature Moves
1342018-04-13Psuedo, Semi-Psuedo, and Psuedo Hard Legendary Pokemon
1332018-02-23Pokemon With No Arms
1082018-04-11Pokemon with a 4x weakness
982018-01-29Released Pokemon In The Anime
832017-10-24Pokemon with best and worst stats
722017-03-21Weird Pokedex Entries
702019-06-18Super Smash Bros. All PokeBall Pokemon
672018-04-11Pokemon with one typing
652017-04-06Gen 3 Pokemon (Biggest to Smallest)
632017-08-24Pokemon that evolve with items
612017-04-04Gen 2 Pokemon (Biggest to Smallest)
602017-03-24Weird Pokedex Entries 2
562018-02-20Pokemon with branched evolutions
532017-04-17Gen 4 Pokemon (Biggest to Smallest)
482018-03-20Pokemon that evolve with certain moves
482017-10-25Pokemon Unique Typings
472017-11-21Pokemon that Evolve at early levels
412017-12-06Pokemon Sound Based Moves
402018-02-20Pokemon that evolve through a unique method
382017-04-11Weird Pokedex Entries 3
362018-04-18Who's that Pokemon Segments (Gen 1)
352019-06-18Actually a fruit!
332017-04-12Weird Pokedex Entries 4
322017-04-20Weird Pokedex Entries 6
262017-10-03Pokemon with One Gender
252018-04-09Pokemon Knowledge Quiz
252017-04-11Weird Pokedex Entries 5
232017-11-28Pokemon Made Up Moves
222018-05-21Every Pokemon I have used in my Weird Pokedex Entries series
212017-11-27Weird Pokedex Entries 9 (Mega Edition)
212017-09-05Pokemon that evolve with special conditions
212017-12-02Whats in Common?
192017-12-19Weird Pokedex Entries 13 (USUM Edition)
182018-05-04Pokemon Knowledge Quiz 2
172017-12-06Pokemon Move Errors (Anime Edition)
162017-12-04Weird Pokedex Entries 12
162017-12-21Weird Pokedex Entries 14
162018-02-26Pokemon weak to their own types
152017-12-04Pokemon Unscramble
152017-12-01Weird Pokedex Entries 10
152017-11-01Weird Pokedex Entries 8
142017-10-26Weird Pokedex Entries 7
142017-11-06Pokemon Weird Japan to English translations (Gen 1)
132017-12-02Weird Pokedex Entries 11
122017-11-28Pokemon Unused Names
122018-05-04Pokemon Type Abundance
122018-03-08Whats in Common? 2
112017-11-28Pokemon formerly unique typings
112017-04-21Fill in the line
112017-11-01Pokemon with Unique BSTs
102017-08-10Fill in the line 2
102017-09-15Pokemon French Names Challenge
102017-09-13Pokemon Japanese Names Challenge
82018-05-04Weird Pokedex Entries 16
82018-05-15Weird Pokedex Entries 17
72017-05-08What is a...
72018-05-21Weird Pokedex Entries 18
72018-05-15Rhythm Heaven Fever All Main Games
72018-02-26Pokemon Weird Japan to English Translations (Gen 3)
62017-11-01Pokemon that high five in Pokemon Refresh
52017-11-06Pokemon Weird Japan to English Translations (Gen 2)
52018-05-04Who's that Pokemon Segments (Gen 2)
52018-02-27Weird Pokedex Entries 15
52017-12-08Pokemon Move Errors (Manga Edition)
42018-02-26Pokemon Korean Names Challenge
42017-09-13Pokemon Japanese Names Challenge 2
42017-12-08Pokemon Move Errors (Game Edition)
32018-02-26Pokemon Weird Japan to English Translations (Gen 5)
32018-02-26Pokemon Weird Japan to English Translations (Gen 4)
32018-04-19Who's that Pokemon Segments (Gen 3)