Every Pokemon I have used in my Weird Pokedex Entries series

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After a rainy day, the flower on its back smells stronger. The scent attracts other Pokémon.
Its fighting spirit inside its shell fuels it. It has been recorded that it can live for over 10,000 years.
Its shell is filled with its soft innards. It doesn't move much because of the risk it might carelessly spill its innards out.
It remains virtually immobile as it clings to a tree. However, on the inside, it is extremely busy as it prepares for its coming evolution. This is evident from how hot the shell becomes to the touch.
The latest research has determined that there are over 20 possible arrangements of the patterns on its stomach.
Its body can produce at least 100,000 watts of electricity. Careless contact can cause an Indian elephant to faint.
Bathed in moonlight, its wings glow faintly. Without even flapping, it rises into the air, where it dances around.
It can easily hear a pin being dropped nearly 1,100 yards away.
It is vindictive and relentless by nature. Those who cross it even once will be cursed for a thousand years, along with their descendants.
They love to sing to people which makes them fall asleep. They do this often, but they can't breathe while they are singing.
It checks its surroundings and location using reflections of the ultrasonic waves from its mouth.
Sometimes, they drink so much blood, they can't fly anymore. They then fall to the ground and become food for other Pokemon.
It searches for fertile, nutrient-rich soil, then plants itself. During the daytime, while it is planted, this Pokemon's feet are thought to change shape and become similar to the roots of trees.
Smells incredibly foul! However, around one out of a thousand people enjoy sniffing its nose-bending stink.
The mushrooms, known as tochukaso, are controlling the bug. Even if the bug bugs the mushrooms, they tell it to bug off.
They are a popular pet, but they may slash their owners with little or no reason.
Many farmers cherish and nurture it because its droppings enrich the soil it lives in.
While the three of them normally get along splendidly, on rare occasions a huge fight will break out over which head gets to eat first.
It is said that the red part on its forehead grants supernatural powers to those who possess one, so it was over-hunted in the past.
It is known to become so angry, it dies as a result. Its face looks peaceful in death, however.
This legendary Chinese Pokemon is considered magnificent. Many people are enchanted by its grand mane.
The older this Pokemon is, the bigger its head. This is because its brain grows massively with age. When it dies, its brain is still intact.
Its body is filled with acid. Despite this, it doesn't melt thanks to a protective sac in its mouth.
Its round body makes it easy to pick up. Some people have even hurled them at others during snowball fights.
The wastewater coming from factories is clean these days, so it has nothing to eat. They're said to be on the verge of extinction.
A toxic fluid constantly flows through its body. It kills trees and plants on contact and touching this Pokemon will give you a fever that requires good bed rest.
Poisonous gas comprises 95% of its body. It's said that the remaining 5% is made up of the souls of those who died from the gas.
In total darkness, where nothing is visible, it lurks, silently stalking its next victim.
It apparently wants a travel companion to travel with. Since it was once human itself, it tries to make a companion by taking the souls of others.
It tries to take the lives of anyone and everyone. It will even try to curse the Trainer who is its Master!
Mega Gengar
When it travels underground, it causes rumbling and tremors. It can move at 50 mph.
It can be spotted near recreational facilities, intending to eat the pleasant dreams of children who enjoyed themselves there that day.
Always holding a pendulum that it rocks at a steady rhythm, it causes drowsiness in anyone nearby.
Six of them form a single Pokémon. Should one of the six be lost, the next morning there will once more be six.
It originally came from the tropics. Its heads steadily grow larger from exposure to strong sunlight.
A wrestling Pokemon that came to life thanks to the spirit of a pro boxer. It can throw a punch faster than a speeding bullet train.
Whenever it comes across something new, it will unfailingly give it a lick. It does so because it memorizes things by texture and by taste. It is somewhat put off by sour things.
Not only do these Pokemon fast runners, they're also few in number, so anyone who finds one must be lucky indeed.
In the autumn, males can be seen performing courtship dances in riverbeds to woo females. During this season, this Pokémon's body coloration is at its most beautiful.
It is a master of pantomime. It can convince others that something unseeable actually exists. Once believed, the imaginary object does become real.
Mr Mime
Its strange cries sound like human language. There are some musicians who compose songs for it to sing.
It grips its prey with its two horns to tear its prey in half. Whatever it tears in half, it throws far.
It zips around at blistering speeds, looking for an opening to skewer its opponent on its giant pincers.
Mega Pinsir
It has an extremely aggressive nature. The hyper beam it shoots from its mouth totally incinerates all targets.
Mega Evolution places a burden on its body. The stress causes its to become all the more ferocious.
Mega Gyarados
Its heavy shell is thought to be the reason this ancient Pokémon died out. It's apparently a distant ancestor of Octillery.
Its sleek shape is perfect for swimming. It slashes prey with its claws and drains the body fluids.
Restored from DNA found in amber, this Pokémon exhibited ferocity that was greater than expected. Some casualties resulted.
When it Mega Evolves, it becomes more vicious than ever before. Some say that's because the excessive power causes pain.
Mega Aerodactyl
It was created by a scientist after years of horrific gene-splicing and DNA-engineering experiments.
It has a secret, devastating move. It rubs its blazing fur together to cause huge explosions.
When it bites with its massive and powerful jaws, it shakes its head and savagely tears its victim up.
With eyes that can see in pitch-darkness, it never lets its prey escape. Some even call it “the emperor of dark nights.”
It flies through the night sky, sprinkling sparkly dust. According to some, if that dust sticks to you, good things will happen to you.
It feeds on the blood of living people and Pokémon. If it can't drink any blood for even a short while, it becomes weak and unable to fly.
Its antennae, which evolved from a fin, have both positive and negative charges flowing through them.
It lives far down in the depths of the ocean. It blinds its prey with light, using the moment they're dazzled to swallow them whole.
The light from its tail can be seen from space. This is why you can always tell exactly where it is, which is why it usually keeps the light off.
Massive amounts of energy intensely stimulated its cells, apparently awakening its long-sleeping dragons blood.
Mega Ampharos
It likes to live near lakes. It can spend a whole day underwater thanks to its lungs being able to store a huge amount of air.
It unleashes psychic power from the orb on its forehead. When its power is exhausted, the orb grows dull and dark.
When agitated, it sprays poisonous sweat all over its body.
It has a weakness for shiny things. It's been known to sneak into the nests of Gabite—noted collectors of jewels—in search of treasure.
Its flat, thin body is always stuck on walls. Its shape appears to have some meaning.
If two or more meet, they will turn competitive and try to outdo each other's endurance. However, they may try to see which one can endure the longest without food. Trainers need to beware of this habit.
Motionless, it hangs from trees, waiting for its bug Pokémon prey to come to it. Its favorite in Alola is Cutiefly.
Its drill-tipped tail is used to burrow into the ground backwards. This Pokémon is known to make its nest in complex shapes deep under the ground.
It glides through the air without a sound as if it were sliding. This Pokemon hangs on to the face of its foe using its clawed hind legs and the large pincers on its forelegs, then injects the prey with its poison barb.
It is timid in spite of its looks. If it becomes enraged, however, it will strike with its huge fangs.
It uses its wings to adjust its body temperature. Otherwise, its metal body would become too hot and melt in the heat of battle.
It stores the excess energy from Mega Evolution, so after a long time passes, its body starts to melt.
Mega Scizor
This powerful Pokémon thrusts its prized horn under its enemies' bellies then lifts and throws them. With its Herculean powers, it can easily throw around an object that is 100 times its own weight.
A tremendous influx of energy builds it up, but when Mega Evolution ends, it is bothered by terrible soreness in its muscles.
Mega Heracross
They will cooperate to steal eggs from the nests of bird Pokémon, but fights break out to determine which one gets to eat the eggs.
It likes honey, but it prefers snapping trees in half with its forelegs so berries fall from them.
It traps enemies with its suction-cupped tentacles, then smashes them with its rock-hard head.
Postcards and posters featuring it leaping elegantly above the waves are popular souvenirs of Alola.
The flames it breathes when angry contain toxins. If they cause a burn, it will hurt forever.
Its red claws and the tip of its tail are melting from high temperatures that are painful to itself.
Mega Houndoom
It is said that it usually hides in underwater caves. It can create whirlpools by yawning.
It is strong despite its compact size. It can easily pick up and carry an adult human on its back.
It was upgraded to enable the exploration of other planets. However, it failed to measure up.
It is famous for its eagerness to fight and always nurses injuries from challenging larger foes.
Its lips are the most sensitive part of its body. To examine things, it rubs its lips on the object to examine it.
A weak electric current flows between its horns. Sticking a hand there shocks the unwary.
Its milk is delicious and chock-full of nutrients. However, if you drink too much, it could make your stomach hurt, so be careful.
If it senses that a nearby person is sad, it will run to them and give them a lucky egg.
When this Pokemon is born and gives its first bark, a volcano erupts somewhere.
They are rarely found because they dig underground. The only time they come up is to eat an entire mountain, they go back underground to sleep.
Its body can't be harmed by any sort of attack, so it is very eager to make challenges against enemies.
Due to the colossal power poured into it, this Pokemon's back split right open. Its destructive instincts are the only thing keeping it moving.
Mega Tyranitar
It's wings pack devastating power - a light fluttering of its wings can blow away regular houses. As a result, this Pokémon chooses to live out of sight deep under the sea.
When this Pokemon flies through lush forests, it leaves an egg it found from the future.
The leaves that grow on its arms can slice down thick trees. It is without peer in jungle combat.
It can clear a 30-story building in a leap. Its fiery punches scorch its foes.
It chases down prey in a pack of around ten. They defeat foes with perfectly coordinated teamwork.
It has an aggressive nature. It stabs prey with its long, narrow mouth to drain the preys fluids.
They are known to look pretty when they flutter near street lights, but their insane eating habits make them strip trees of all of their bark and leaves.
When it dangles from a tree branch, it looks just like an acorn. It enjoys scaring other Pokemon.
Deep in the forest, it uses the leaf on its head to make a flute. Those that hear this spooky tune feel uneasy.
It makes its home in tall treetops. It uses its leaf hands to gust wind strong enough to start a tornado.
Its spacious beak is large enough for a small child to fit inside.
It has the psychokinetic power to distort the dimensions and create a small black hole. This Pokémon will try to protect its Trainer even at the risk of its own life.
A wild and energetic Pokemon. Sometimes, they run around so much, their muscles are stiff and they can't sleep.
Wherever they live, rings of over a yard in diameter appear in grassy fields. They are made by the Pokémon as it eats all the grass within reach while lying prone on the ground.
Its cry leaves a lasting headache if heard for too long. It moves so quickly that it is almost invisible.
A discarded bug shell that came to life. Peering into the crack on it's back is said to steal ones spirit.
Despite being very small, its screams can are equal to a jet plane in volume.
These Pokemon can not face each other because their noses are like compasses, repelling each other.
It digs through the ground with its hard claws and crunches down gems with its thick pointy teeth. Carbink is its favorite food.
Bathed in the energy of Mega Evolution, the gemstone on its chest expands, rips through its skin, and falls out.
Mega Sableye
Attached to its head is a huge set of jaws formed by horns. It can chew through iron beams.
It has an extremely vicious disposition. It grips prey in its two sets of jaws and tears them apart with raw power.
Mega Mawile
It can be found beneath unnatural thunderclouds. People say it can run at the same speed as lightning striking.
Mega Evolution fills its body with a tremendous amount of electricity, but its too much for it to fully control.
Mega Manectric
It gulps anything that fits in its mouth. It has special acids in its body which help it dissolve anything.
It pursues its prey at speeds of 75 mph and finishes them off with fangs that can crush iron. It is known as the bully of the sea.
The yellow patterns it bears are old scars.The energy from Mega Evolution runs through them, causing it sharp pain and suffering.
Mega Sharpedo
They pursue their prey in pods. With their large mouths, they can swallow entire schools of Wishiwashi whole.
It is extremely dull witted—it doesn’t notice being hit. However, it can’t stand hunger for even a second. This Pokémon’s body is a seething cauldron of boiling magma.
If the fire burning within its shell goes out, it will die. Those who wish to raise one in their home must always keep something flammable at hand.
It bounces around on its tail to keep its heart pumping. It carries the pearl from a Clamperl on its head.
It lives in arid locations such as deserts. It releases a strong aroma from its flower to attract prey. When prey comes near, this Pokémon shoots sharp thorns from its body to bring the victim down.
If a traveler is going through a desert in the thick of night, it will follow in a ragtag group. The Pokémon are biding their time, waiting for the traveler to tire and become incapable of moving.
If it bonds with a person, it will gently envelop the friend with its soft wings, then hum.
Its pincers often fall off. Unlike with Crabrawler or Clauncher, the meat in its claws is utterly nasty and stinking.
They were made by ancient humans with mud and then brought to life by a mysterious ray.
It changes its hue to blend into its surroundings. If no one takes notice of it for too long, it will pout and never reveal itself.
It used to be the toy of a small child, until it was discarded. It seeks the child it once belonged to for revenge. It also sticks pins in its body to curse random people.
Extraordinary energy amplifies its cursing power to such an extent that it can't help but curse its own Trainer.
Mega Banette
If it finds children that don't behave, it spirits them away - or so it is said.
The bunches of fruit growing around their necks in Alola are especially sweet compared to those in other regions.
It has the ability to foretell natural disasters. Its life span is over a hundred years.
Normally, it dislikes fighting, so it really hates changing to this form for battles.
Mega Absol
It grows stronger by pushing up against others en masse. It loves eating sweet fruit.
If you see one in your house, your house will eventually freeze. It is known to live in -150 degree weather.
Legends say that a boulder on an icy mountain absorbed the distress and regrets of a lost hiker, giving rise to this Pokemon.
The power of Mega Evolution was so strong that it smashed its jaw. Its inability to eat very well leaves it irritated.
Mega Glalie
If one is left on its own, it becomes despondent, leaving itself open to attack. That is when Pelipper snatch them up.
Dreaming of one day flying, it practices by leaping off cliffs every day.
It analyzes its opponents with more accuracy than a supercomputer, which enables it to calmly back them into a corner.
Its intellect surpasses its previous level, resulting in battles so cruel, they'll make you want to cover your eyes.
Mega Metagross
Its body was made during an ice age. The deep-frozen body can't be melted, even by fire. This Pokémon controls frigid air of minus 328 degrees F.
It understands human speech and is highly intelligent. It is a tender Pokemon that dislikes fighting.
It has appeared in mythology as the creator of the land. It sleeps in magma underground and is said to make volcanoes erupt on awakening.
It has a savage nature. It will courageously challenge foes that are much larger.
Strong electricity courses through the tips of its sharp claws. A light scratch causes fainting in foes.
This Pokémon is from roughly 100 million years ago. Its terrifyingly tough face is harder than steel.
If its cloak is broken in battle, it quickly remakes the cloak with materials nearby.
They collect honey for their queen. When they sleep, they stack on top of each other in the shape of a honeycomb.
It releases various pheromones to make the grubs in its body do its bidding while fighting foes.
If for some reason its body bursts, its soul spills out with a screaming sound.
Their ears are always rolled up. They can unravel them and smash huge boulders.
If its colony fails to catch food for it, or it feels they have betrayed it, it will hunt them down and punish them.
It sprays a vile-smelling fluid from the tip of its tail to attack. Its range is over 160 feet.
If its body gets too damp, it will die. So, in a process reminiscent of sweating, its eyes expel moisture.
When this gifted mimic surprises an opponent, it feels so happy that it ends up forgetting it was imitating something.
Mime Jr
It reads its opponent's feelings with its aura waves. It finds out things it would rather not know, so it gets stressed out easily.
Bathed in explosive energy, its combative instincts have awakened. For its enemies, it has no mercy whatsoever.
Mega Lucario
It blankets wide areas in snow by whipping up blizzards. It is also known as "The Ice Monster."
They dwell in cold places. This Pokemon's main food source in Alola is Vulpix and Sandshrew, which they carefully divide among their group.
As it zooms through the sky, this Pokemon seems to be receiving signals of unknown origin, while transmitting signals of unknown purpose.
A contest is under way to determine which one can stick its tongue out the farthest. The current record is...more than 82 feet.
It takes down its enemies by shooting fireballs, which burn them to a blackened crisp. It avoids this method when hunting prey.
This feared Pokemon is said to travel to worlds unknown. Some even believe that it takes lost spirits along with it.
When it finds a human it likes, it freezes them and takes them to its chilly den, where they become decorations.
Its body is made of pure plasma. It is known to inhabit electronics and wreak havoc.
Known as the "Being of Knowledge", they can erase the memory of anyone that sees its eyes.
It chases people and Pokemon from its territory by causing them to experience deep, nightmarish slumbers.
It can dissolve toxins in the air to instantly transform ruined land into a lush field of flowers.
It is told in mythology that this Pokémon was born before the universe even existed.
It is very calm and smart, but when exposed to sunlight, it is agile and can run faster than a car.
Its cute act is a ruse. When victims let down their guard, they find their items taken. It attacks with sharp claws.
If people have nightmares, this Pokemon appears and eats them. After eating, it gives off a pink mist that can cause people to fall asleep.
The hole on the front of its body is often mistaken for an eye, when it is actually an ear.
Suction from its nostrils enables it to stick to cave walls during sleep. It leaves a heart-shaped mark behind.
It rides on the wind and slips into people’s homes. After it has turned a room into a cotton-filled mess, it giggles to itself and takes off.
If it finds a male partner, the flower on its head droops, withers, and fades away.
Some people call it “the thug of the lake.” Whether the differences in color are meaningful is not yet known.
Its droppings are so hot that people put it in their clothing during cold seasons.
They move in small groups, walking around lazily. Anyone who makes eye contact gets smacked with a headbutt.
They often come in groups and the one with the biggest crest is the leader. Their kicks are strong enough to break concrete.
Each of them carries a mask that used to be it's face when it was a human. Sometimes they look at it and cry.
Grave robbers who mistake them for real coffins and get too close end up trapped inside their bodies.
Beware the poisonous liquid it shoots from its right arm. If even a little of it gets on you, you'll experience the effects of the unidentified toxin.
If it thinks humans are going to discover its den, it shows them visions that make them wander around in the woods.
It blasts blizzards from its two mouths. It can create snow anywhere, so it gets a lot of love from skiers and snowboarders.
It lives five miles below the ocean. It grabs prey with its tentacles and paralyzes it with poison. It then sinks to the ocean floor.
A minigear and big gear comprise its body. If the minigear it launches at a foe doesn't return, it will die.
While one alone doesn't have much power, a chain of many can be as powerful as lightning.
This Pokémon is shrouded in mystery. It's said to have appeared from a UFO that fell from the sky about 50 years ago.
It shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokémon, which becomes the fuel that it burns.
When its body dries out, it weakens. So, to prevent dehydration, it wraps itself in many layers of thin membrane.
It conceals itself in the mud of the seashore. Then it waits. When prey touch it, it delivers a jolt of electricity.
It warms its body by absorbing sunlight with its wings. When its body temperature falls, it can no longer move.
When the seal on its chest is removed, it rages indiscriminately, turning the whole town around it into a mountain of rubble.
Using their very hot, flame-covered tongues, they burn through Durant's steel bodies and consume their insides.
Lacking sight, it's unaware of its surroundings, so it bumps into things and eats anything that moves.
The two heads do not get along. Whichever head eats more than the other gets to be the leader.
It responds to movement by attacking. This scary, three-headed Pokémon devours everything in its path!
As it flies, it scatters its flaming scales. It was feared by ancient people, who referred to it as "the rage of the sun."
Using psychic power, it generates a fiery vortex of 5,400 degree Fahrenheit, incinerating foes swept into this whirl of flame.
Bird Pokémon make up most of its diet. It approaches at high speeds and smacks them down to the ground with its powerful kick.
The temperature of its breath is over 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, but it doesn't use it on its prey. This Pokémon prefers to eat raw meat.
If it has sunshine and water, it doesn't need to eat, because it can generate energy from the leaves on its back.
There was an era when aristocrats would compete to see who could trim their fur into the most exquisite style.
When in danger, it raises its ears and releases enough psychic power to grind a 10-ton truck into dust.
A ghost that came to life as a sword. Those who hold this sword by the handle are said to become cursed.
The complex attack patterns of its two swords are unstoppable, even for an opponent greatly accomplished at swordplay.
In the past, rather than using perfume, royal ladies carried one that would waft a fragrance they liked.
This Pokemon's sense of smell is 100,000,000 times better than a human. This power helps it collect food that could be miles away from it.
It draws prey near with its blinking lights and then wraps them up in its long tentacles and holds them in place.
It hypnotizes its foes with psychic powers, than wraps them in tentacles. It is unknown what this Pokemon does with its foes it takes away.
Their enormous claws launch cannonballs of water powerful enough to pierce tanker hulls.
Complete restoration is impossible, allowing room for theories that its entire body was once covered in a feather-like coat.
Its body is mostly water. If it dries out, it will die, so it's always sitting with perfect stillness in the shade.
It has problems drawing a line between friends and food. It will dissolve prey with acid, even if it is a friend.
It attacks with retractable horns. It throws a punch that's the equivalent of the force of a hundred pro boxers.
These key collectors threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them.
According to old tales, these Pokemon are stumps possessed by the spirits of children who died while lost in the forest.
This Pokemon controls trees via roots stretching from its feet, and it will attack anyone that dares to ravage the forest.
It carries lost spirits inside its hollow body. It carries them to places that they wish to travel.
It wraps it prey in its hairlike arms. It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of the prey.
It flies around in search of fruit to eat. It uses ultrasonic waves to detect which fruits are ripe.
The ultrasonic waves it emits from its ears can reduce a large boulder to pebbles. It swoops out of the dark to attack.
Legends say it can share eternal life. It slept for a thousand years in the form of a tree before its revival.
When its life comes to an end, it absorbs the life energy of every living thing and turns into a cocoon once more.
It expels its internal steam from the arms on its back. It has enough power to blow away a mountain.
It fires arrow quills from its wings with such precision, they can pierce a pebble at distances over a hundred yards.
At its throat, it bears a bell of fire. The bell rings brightly whenever this Pokémon spits fire.
It can bend the tip of its beak to produce over a hundred different cries at will.
Its strong jaw enables it to scrape trees and slurp out the sap. It normally lives underground.
They have been known to mistake Exeggutor for a coconut tree and climb it. The enraged Exeggutor shakes it off and stomps it.
Before it stops to think, it just starts pummeling. There are records of its turning back avalanches with a flurry of punches.
Some of its pollen puffs are highly nutritious. They are sometimes sold as supplements.
The rocks in its mane are sharper than a knife. Fragments that break off are treasured as good luck charms.
Midday Lycanroc
The more intimidating the opponent it faces, the more this Pokémon's blood boils. It will attack with no regard for its own safety.
Midnight Lycanroc
It crawls on the ocean floor with its 12 spiny legs. It leaves a trail of Corsola bits from the Corsola it has eaten.
Its heavy, mud-covered kicks are its best means of attack, and it can reduce large trucks to scrap without breaking a sweat.
It delivers headbutts with the water bubble on its head. Small Pokemon get sucked into the bubble, where they drown.
Forests where this Pokemon dwell are treacherous to enter at night. People confused by their flashing light may never find home again.
Despite its adorable appearance, when it gets angry and flails about, its arms and legs could knock a pro wrestler sprawling.
This Pokemon has the habit of hugging its Trainer. Many Trainers have died from this dangerous habit.
These small berries live in large jungles where many Pokemon live. Despite this, they are constantly hunted by every Pokemon.
It bounces around, swinging the sepals on its head with abandon. They're quite painful when they smack you!
When they feel threatened, they spit out a toxic and smelly fluid. This poisons the enemy and the stench warns others that danger is near.
The shell covering its body is as hard as diamond. This Pokémon will do anything it takes to win.
Underneath its sand body are the dried up bones from those whose vitality it has drained.
In battle, they extract their own internal organs and engulf their prey with it.
Its actual appearance is unknown. A scholar who saw what was under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock.
It stuns its prey with psychokinesis and then grinds them to mush with its strong teeth. Even Shellder's shell is no match for this Pokemon's teeth.
If a child it has made friends with is bullied, it will find the bully's house and burn it to the ground.
It wraps its prey in green seaweed and sucks away their vitality. It only likes to go after big prey like Wailord.
Its scale can help people and often bring good health. However, when in a bad mood, these scales can cause great pain and suffering. It sometimes looks at this and enjoys it.
Tapu Lele
The king who ruled Alola in times of antiquity called it the “cocoon of the stars” and built an altar to worship it.
It appeared in this world from an Ultra Wormhole. It appears to be a parasite that lives by feeding on people and Pokémon.
This artificial Pokémon, constructed more than 500 years ago, can understand human speech but cannot itself speak. Its mechanized body is merely a vessel. Its true self is its Soul-Heart, an artificial soul.
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