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Its body is made of pure plasma. It is known to inhabit electronics and wreak havoc.Rotom
These Pokemon can not face each other because their noses are like compasses, repelling each other.Nosepass
If it senses that a nearby person is sad, it will run to them and give them a lucky egg.Blissey
This Pokemon has the habit of hugging its Trainer. Many Trainers have died from this dangerous habit.Bewear
Its droppings are so hot that people put it in their clothing during cold seasons.Darumaka
Its body can produce at least 100,000 watts of electricity. Careless contact can cause an Indian elephant to faint.Raichu
If it finds a male partner, the flower on its head droops, withers, and fades away.Lilligant
The hole on the front of its body is often mistaken for an eye, when it is actually an ear.Roggenrola
This Pokemon's sense of smell is 100,000,000 times better than a human. This power helps it collect food that could be miles away from it.Slurpuff
When it Mega Evolves, it becomes more vicious than ever before. Some say that's because the excessive power causes pain.Aerodactyl
It has problems drawing a line between friends and food. It will dissolve prey with acid, even if it is a friend.Sliggoo
Its round body makes it easy to pick up. Some people have even hurled them at others during snowball fights.Geodude
Its body is filled with acid. Despite this, it doesn't melt thanks to a protective sac in its mouth.Weepinbell
When agitated, it sprays poisonous sweat all over its body.Umbreon
Its scale can help people and often bring good health. However, when in a bad mood, these scales can cause great pain and suffering. It sometimes looks at this and enjoys it.Tapu Lele

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