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189,0662023-09-01 Most Expensive Football Transfers Ever
26,4592013-03-10 Funniest Comedies Ever
15,4352023-09-05 Christopher Nolan Movies
12,5962023-02-08Best Actor Oscar Nominees
11,9712014-02-02FIFA World Rankings
9,0742012-04-23Batman Villains
6,8612013-08-08100 Greatest Movie Characters
5,2492012-04-21The Lord Of The Rings Characters
2,1852013-08-08X-Men Mutants
2,0432014-12-15Denzel Washington Movies Quiz
1,4912014-01-05David Fincher Movies Quiz
1,4712023-03-17Actors with more than one Oscar
1,2772017-12-20Ryan Gosling Movies Quiz
9802012-04-14Heath Ledger Movies Quiz
8652016-01-14Ridley Scott Movies Quiz
8292012-05-1850 Greatest Movies Quiz
7612016-01-14Martin Scorsese Movies Quiz
7432012-04-21Reservoir Dogs Nicknames
1692014-02-25True Detective Quiz
762016-06-05A-Z of Drugs
452016-06-05Drug Classes
42020-03-31Adeeba Quiz