Particle: Lecture 1

Lecture 1 of a 3rd year particle course.
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What does QCD stand for?
Quantum Chromo Dynamics
What does CPT stand for?
Charge transformation, Parity transformation and Time reversal
What is Parity transformation?
Transformation of a left-handed particle to a right-handed particle
What is Charge transformation?
Transformation of a particle to an antiparticle
What type of particle does a weak interaction act on?
Left-handed particles or Right-handed antiparticles
What is helicity?
Projection of the spin on the momentum axis
What symmetries are violated by weak interactions?
C and P
What constants equal 1 in the natural units?
h and c
Name the three families of leptons
Electron, Muon and Tauon
Express a baryon in terms of q=quark or p=anti-quark
qqq or ppp
Express a meson using the symbols given in the previous question
Name all known quarks
Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top and Bottom
Finish the Dirac "hole" theory: The theory poses that the __________ __ _______ ______ _____, that are solutions to the ____ _______, are filled with ________, and the _______ __ ____ _________ (holes) are manifested as ________ with ______ and ______ that are the _____ of those of the state.
continuum of negative energy states, Dirac equation, electrons, vacancies in this continuum, positrons, energy, momentum and negative
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