Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Based on the clue guess these Harry Potter answers.
Quiz by betsy1997
Last updated: September 1, 2014
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First submittedDecember 15, 2012
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What is the name of the house elf which comes to 'help' Harry?
Whose head did the house elf drop the cake on to?
Mrs Mason
What is Mrs Weasley's mood when the boys get back from rescuing Harry?
Who gets shy and runs off when she meets Harry?
Ginny Weasley
Who does Harry get his photo taken with in Flourish and Blotts?
Gilderoy Lockhart
By what transport do Harry and Ron get to Hogwarts?
What tree do Harry and Ron crash into when they get to Hogwarts?
Whomping Willow
How many muggles spot Harry and Ron travelling to Hogwarts?
Who keeps taking photos at Hogwarts?
Colin Creevey
With what broom did Draco Malfoy buy his way into the Slytherin Quidditch team?
Nimbus 2001
What did Draco call Hermione?
What did Ron throw up after trying to curse Malfoy?
How long was Harry in detention for with Lockhart?
4 hours
Who got expelled from Hogwarts in their 3rd year?
Rubeus Hagrid
What was the name of the acromantula this person kept?
Who got this person expelled?
Tom Riddle
How did Harry find out about this?
His Diary
Who is helping this person unwillingly?
Ginny Weasley
With what language does Harry open the chamber of secrets?
What creature is hidden in the chamber of secrets?
What is the one spell Lockhart can do?
With what does Harry destroy the horcrux (the diary)?
Basilisk fang
What does Harry pull out of the sorting hat?
Sword of Gryffindor
Who saves Harry's life?
Who is the house elf's master?
Lucius Malfoy
What were cancelled as a treat off Dumbledore?
Level 20
Apr 19, 2012
It's spelt 'Lockhart' without the 'e' in the books - could you alter this please? Just a friendly notice! Still, I got 20. Good quiz!
Level 33
Apr 22, 2012
It's been fixed, thanx
Level 12
May 7, 2012
Some of these were in book 3... Like mudblood
Level 33
May 24, 2012
They were also in Chamber of Secrets
Level 15
Jun 18, 2012
Can u accept alternate spellings of bassilisk or however you spell it woulve gotten 100 otherwise
Level 91
Aug 20, 2012
The diary is never referred to as a horcrux until book 6 - not everyone taking the quiz will know what you're talking about with that question. Also, it should be phrased in a way that doesn't have multiple ways of answering it, like "With what implement does Harry destroy the diary?" Asking "how" he destroys it could involve a million different variations of "he stabbed it with the fang of a basilisk," none of which would be accepted. Also, please be consistent with Ginny - if her first name alone is acceptable for the first question, it should also be acceptable for the second. Finally, for "How does Harry find out?", you should accept "Riddle's diary", "Tom's diary", and "Tom Riddle's diary"... basically any answer that ends in "diary".
Level 14
Aug 22, 2012
I agree, the answers were not worded properly
Level 15
Apr 9, 2013
i spelt parseltongue "parsletongue"
Level 15
May 14, 2013
Can you accept "womping willow". also for tom riddle could you accept "voldemort". For basilisk fang you could accept just "fang" or maybe "tooth". This was a good quiz and I enjoyed it, I just missed a few answers because they weren't accepted. :)
Level 28
Dec 15, 2018
It wouldn't make sense to spell it 'womping' because no one spells it like that. If you want to get the answer, just spell it correctly. Voldemort is not what he was known as at that time. So why would you call him Voldemort. And it isn't just a fang or a tooth, it is specifically a 'Basilisk Fang' in my opinion 'fang' or 'tooth' is too general to count.
Level 40
Jun 7, 2013
Can you please accept Gyffindor's Sword for Sword of Gryffindor? It means the same thing, but I couldn't get it.
Level 11
Apr 24, 2014
When you ask 'who saves Harry's life?' I think you should put 'Who saves Harry's life when he is in the chamber?' This would help as I was trying to spell out Dobby as her saves his life at the end with Lucius!
Level 45
Oct 29, 2014
Thought I was spelling parsel wrong when saying parseltongue actually spelling tongue wrong!! What a fail...
Level 14
Dec 22, 2015
can you please accept godric gryffindor sword and sword because i tried all of these and didn't get the question right. other than that good quiz
Level 59
Aug 18, 2016
Is this for the movie? the cake isn't dropped on anyone's head in the book...
Level 21
Nov 1, 2017
Exactly, the cake is dropped on the floor. The letter from the Ministry, however, is dropped on Mrs. Mason's head.
Level 15
Jul 17, 2019
The Malfoy family owned Dobby, not just Lucius Malfoy. I think maybe basilisk venom should be accepted because that was what really destroyed the horcrux. I didn't miss any though (except for one I couldn't remember the answer to) anyway and it was a good quiz.
Level 43
Jun 21, 2020
I kept misspelling creevey