Optic neuropathies

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Last updated: February 9, 2012
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Loss of spontaneous venous pulsation is associated with increased what?
Intracranial pressure
An absent septum pellucidum and a thinning corpus collosum are associated with which neuopathy?
Optic nerve hypoplasia
In this stable condition, the patient has an extra large optic nerve and blind spot.
Peripapillary staphyloma causes thinning of the retina near the ONH and is associated with what type of scotoma?
Tilted discs can cause a defects bilaterally in which quadrant?
Superior Temporal
Optic disc drusen cause what kind of scotoma? (Hint: similar to glaucoma)
Arcuate (Inf. Nas.)
What range is considered to be borderline high for intracranial pressure?
Cerebral Spinal fluid is made where in the brain?
Choroid plexus
Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) is found mainly in what group? (2 words)
Obese Women
What class of drug used to lower IOPs also lowers intracranial pressure?
This condition causes decreased color vision and contrast sensitivity. It is also the most common cause of a RAPD.
Multiple sclerosis
Normal ESR for a 40 year old female. (Hint: normal Male = age/2, normal female = (age+10/2))
GCA, polyarteritis nodosa, and lupus could all cause this emergency neuropathy. (use abbreviation)
Your patient has optic neuopathy and a bullseye rash after hiking. What is the likely cause?
Lyme disease
Your 9 year old patient has progressive vision loss OD with diplopia. An MRI reveals a mass on the optic nerve. What is the cause?
Optic nerve glioma
Your patient has proptosis, neuopathy, and irregular eye movements. Blood tests show increased T3 and T4. What is the cause?
Thyroid Eye Disease
Your patient is a heavy drinker with optic neuopathy. He tests positive for pernicious anemia. What type of neuropathy does he have?
Nutritional neuropathy
What hereditary optic neuopathy is the most common and starts from 4-6 years of age?
Autosomal dominant optic neuopathy
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