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What All Star guard wears number 0?Damian Lillard
What is the nickname of former star Clyde Drexler?Clyde the Glide
Who was NBA Finals MVP for the Blazers in 1977?Bill Walton
What power forward was a 5-time All-Star for the Blazers from 2006–2015?LaMarcus Aldridge
What player set a record with 41 technical fouls in the 2000–01 season?Rasheed Wallace
What 7'3" Lithuanian legend did the Blazers sign in 1995?Arvydas Sabonis
Who did the Blazers select instead of Michael Jordan with the #2 pick in the 1984 draft?Sam Bowie
What was the name of the Blazers arena before it got renamed for a corporation in 2013?The {Rose} Garden
In the early 2000s the Blazers were known for discipline problems and runs ins
with the law. What insulting nickname did the team earn?
Trail Gangsters /
Jail Blazers

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