Halo 5: Guardians Weapons Quiz

Based on each description, answer these ten questions about Halo 5: Guardians weapons!
Some of these weapons are reoccuring from old Halo games.
REQ Level is what level that is necessary to use each weapon in combat. REQ points can be gained from kills and bosses in Warzone.
Can be a melee or firing weapon.
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Last updated: February 12, 2019
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REQ Level
This melee weapon is used by the Elite Arbiter in all Halo games and gives the user camouflage, providing easy stealth and easy kills.
Prophet's Bane
This sniper rifle variant is used by Linda, a spartan on Blue Team. This can kill an enemy spartan in one shot with the given damage boost.
Using this melee weapon with active camouflage can be a tactic known as "Poor Man's Bane."
Ravening Sliver
This long-ranged weapon can fire faster than its normal REQ variant, and can kill a spartan in three headshots. Sometimes, these three shots can be counted as a perfect kill.
Barbed Lance
This semi-automatic weapon deals damage with exploding warheads when coming into contact with an enemy. It is considered one of the best Warzone weapons to use when capturing enemy bases and one-on-one combat.
The Answer
This small weapon is carried by many Grunts and Jackals in the campaigns of most Halo games. It can be used to destroy an enemy's shield. Shooting a charged blast to take down opponents' shields and killing them with a headshot gives you a medal called, "Noob Combo."
Plasma Pistol
This level 6 REQ does immense damage to vehicles, and can damage spartans when charging up and can also incinerate others when used. It was originally a level 7 REQ, but changed to a level 6 REQ after an update.
Selene's Lance
This is a must have for many Halo players, as this loadout weapon is nice to use when dealing with spartans from long range. It is also many players favorite weapon to use in the game mode Infection; mainly because it is so broken.
This weapon is one of the very few mythic weapons that are in Halo 5: Guardians. Once you hit the ground with it, extra charges arise in a path which can kill enemy spartans with ease, even if you are not right up on them. This was also used by a Brute in Halo 3.
Tartarus' Gavel
My personal favorite weapon of Halo 5: Guardians. This weapon can kill a spartan in 2 shots, and can track an enemy when you are using the smart link. It also fires very quickly and has decent range, which makes it a very good option for such a low level REQ, being only level 5.
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