Ultimate Bioshock Infinite Quiz

Answer all these questions about my favorite all-time game "Bioshock: Infinite (2013)."
I will update this quiz every now and again. Let me know if you want any changes!
Quiz by xXSeanCuber22Xx
Last updated: October 15, 2023
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What is the name of the male protagonist?
Booker DeWitt
Who is the girl that the protagonist has to save?
What is the name of the Prophet that tries to stop the protagonist from stealing his "daughter?"
Zachary Hale Comstock
What is the name of the owner of Finkton Proper and the organizer of the raffle?
Jeremiah Fink
What is the name of the leader of the Vox Populi, who was blamed for killing Lady Comstock?
Daisy Fitzroy
What do the initials "AD" stand for?
Anna DeWitt
What is the name of the protagonist's fellow war comrade-turned-foe that gives you the Shock Jockey?
Cornelius Slate
What are the names of the two Lutece Twins?
Robert Lutece
Rosalind Lutece
What is the name of the gunsmith in Finkton Proper that the protagonists go to visit to get weapon supplies for the Vox Populi?
Chen Lin
Who is resurrected as a ghost, only to be a composition of Elizabeth's hatred towards her?
Lady Comstock
Who returns to the DLC's second part as the main enemy?
Frank Fontaine/Atlas
Whose party do you go to in the DLC's first part to retrieve information on a little sister?
Sander Cohen
Who sends his men after you in the second part of the DLC? HINT: He was the main leader of Rapture in the original game!
Andrew Ryan
What is the name of the little girl in the DLC that Elizabeth is trying to rescue?
What individual returns to the DLC from the original game and asks Elizabeth to build a Lutece Device?
Dr. Yi Suchong
Who is the voice actor of Booker DeWitt?
Troy Baker
Who is the voice actor of Elizabeth?
Courtnee Draper
What year was Bioshock Infinite released?
What are the names of the special spells you can use to affect an enemy in a variety of ways?
What is the term used for bottles used to upgrade your health, salts, and shield?
What is the term used for collectable audio diaries found throughout the game?
What is the term used for clothing items you can put on your character?
What is the name of the movie on the billboard that is visible when Elizabeth first opens a tear?
Return of the Jedi
This enemy is introduced at the start of the game after the raffle. They are hot-headed and prone to self-immolation.
This enemy spawns crows and is able to teleport. Faithful servants of the Prophet's Wife, they serve under the Fraternal Order of the Raven.
What is the name of the mechanical guardian of the girl mentioned above?
What is the name of the motorized enemy with George Washington or Abraham Lincoln as a face?
Motorized Patriot
What is the name of the big enemy with a mechanical arm first seen in Finkton Proper?
These flying ships are turrets mounted on balloons! You can also spawn them through a tear.
This enemy is in the House of Comstock and commonly patrols the location looking for abnormalities. If he spots you, he will scream and in turn spawn enemies to fight you (often donning presidential masks).
Boy of Silence
These original Bioshock enemies make their return in "Burial at Sea."
Big Daddy/Little Sister/Bouncer/Splicer
Where you start the game rowing on a rowboat.
Coast of Maine
What giant structure does the protagonist go to to be transported into the sky at the beginning of the game?
What is the name of the floating city in the sky that you are transported to?
What city does Elizabeth want to go to once she is free?
Where does Booker want to take Elizabeth once he finds her?
New York
The name of the island where the protagonist goes to rescue Elizabeth.
Monument Island
Where you wake up after a treacherous first encounter with Elizabeth. Beaches and music galore!
Battleship Bay
Where you go to retrieve a certain electrifying vigor from your old war buddy. You're feeling patriotic!
Hall of Heroes
Lady Comstock's Flagship
The First Lady
Where people work all day and is run by an astute businessman. Factories are the key!
Finkton Proper
Where the businessman keeps his prisoners. Seems like a good time here!
Good Time Club
Where the impoverished people of the above location live. Remember the long elevator ride down?
Shanty Town
Where the dynamic duo wakes up after their ship crashes due to a familiar mechanical bird.
The version of above, but downtown.
Downtown Emporia
The Prophet's Flagship
Hand of the Prophet
Where are you teleported after destroying the Siphon at the end of the game?
Main Game
What year does the main game take place?
What is the objective of the game?
"Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt"
What number does the protagonist draw at the raffle?
What is the form of transportation that you can ride on across cities and in the skies?
Complete the quote:
"Lives, lived, will live. Dies, died, will die."
What can Elizabeth open to see into other worlds or help the main protagonist?
What are the four notes that you play to summon the bird?
What appendage was cut off of Elizabeth while moving through a tear?
Pinky Finger
What is the name of the hardest difficulty setting for the main campaign, where you lose money if you die and if you run out of money, you get sent back to the most previous checkpoint?
1999 Mode
All Eight Vigors
Devil's Kiss
Murder of Crows
Bucking Bronco
Shock Jockey
Return to Sender
What is the name of the challenge mode introduced as the first part of the expansion pack?
Clash in the Clouds
What is the name of the two-part story DLC?
Burial at Sea
The name of the vigor that freezes its foes!
Old Man Winter
What is the name of the hardest difficulty setting for the DLC, where you lose money if you die and if you run out of money, you get sent back to the most previous checkpoint?
1998 Mode
What is the name of the Tears for Fears song that plays in an old-fashioned manner throughout the game?
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
What is the name of the song by Edith Piaf that plays in the second part of the DLC when Elizabeth is living her dream in Paris?
La Vie en Rose
What is the Cyndi Lauper song that plays in some locations?
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
What is the duet song that is sung by Booker and Elizabeth?
Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
Level 57
Mar 16, 2021
Great quiz! I got 36/40. Maybe do a burial at sea quiz too?
Level 61
Mar 17, 2021
I might! =)