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1,6292021-10-04Country Shapes in a Pizza
1,4082021-09-28Which City in South Asia?
1,2132022-05-20Which Language is Closest?
7262022-06-01Generation 1 Pokémon by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds
5292022-02-15Biggest Indian Cities by Decade
1992021-06-14Biggest Cities once under Chola Influence
1942017-12-14Biggest Cities in Tamil Nadu
1902017-11-27Biggest City in Each Indian State
1782021-06-04Counties of California by Borders in 60 Seconds
1662018-01-02Top 5 Most Guessed Pokémon on JetPunk by Generation
1452017-11-11Top 10 US States with the Most Tourists
1212021-08-12Modern-Day Countries that were under Chola influence
1202017-11-14Countries that Border Uruguay
1152018-10-19Countries that Begin and End with the Same Letter
1102019-09-02Biggest Cities on the Indian Subcontinent
1042021-09-08Countries of the World According to the Average Indian
1032019-08-13States that Border Arizona
1002017-12-29Top 4 Most Populous U.S. States by Region
912017-12-03Most Populous Countries by Ending Letter
892017-11-10Top 5 Caribbean Countries with the Most Tourists
892018-01-05All Pokémon Theme Songs
862021-05-16Name the Indian Freedom Fighter
852017-11-14Top 10 African Countries with the Most Tourists
852017-11-10Top 5 Middle Eastern Countries with the Most Tourists
822017-11-23Most Populous Capital Cities by Letter
812017-11-14Countries that Border Libya
762019-10-31Largest Cities Ending in "S"
702022-08-09Pokémon by First Appearance of Letters
692017-11-14Top 10 North/South American Countries with the Most Tourists
682022-03-08Countries of the World on a Hand
682017-12-03Countries with the Lowest Population Density by Letter
652022-03-08Most Common Non-English Languages in California
642019-12-19Select the National Capital Cities
632019-10-31Biggest Cities in Countries Beginning with A
632017-12-27Largest U.S. Cities which are not the Largest Cities of their State
592017-12-26Largest 6 Letter Cities
572017-11-14Countries that Border Chile
572017-11-14Countries that Border Guyana
562018-10-10States that Border New Mexico
562017-11-14Countries that Border South Sudan
562017-11-18Indian State Abbreviations
562017-11-14Countries that Border Suriname
542017-12-06States that Border New York
542020-09-05Countries that Border Mozambique
532017-11-21Smallest Countries by Letter
522017-12-06States that Border California
522017-12-13Fast Typing Torchic
522017-11-14Countries that Border Colombia
522017-11-14Countries that Border Paraguay
512017-11-21Biggest Indian Cities by Letter
502017-12-14Biggest Cities in Uttar Pradesh
492017-12-26Largest 5 Letter World Cities
492017-11-14Countries that Border Peru
492017-12-12Countries of USSR by Independence
492021-04-27Maharashtra State Quiz
482017-11-27Word Scramble - Indian States
482019-08-20Which City is Closer to...
432017-12-06States that Border Texas
412017-12-11Most Populous State/Province by Country
402017-12-09Countries with the Most Population Under 15 by Letter
402017-11-14Countries that Border Venezuela
392017-11-20Top 10 Largest Indian States by Area
382019-08-18Capitals of "Stan" Countries Quiz
382017-12-07Countries with the Most Population 65+ by Letter
372017-12-14Biggest Counties in California
372019-09-13U.S. States that Border Another Country
372019-06-11Most Guessed Original Pokémon on JetPunk
372017-12-04Countries that Produce the Most Milk by Letter
372021-05-14Countries With Demonyms Ending in "I"
372022-09-27States of India in 1951
362017-12-06States that Border Montana
362021-07-02Name a Valid South Asian City
352019-10-04Largest Cities Ending in "A"
342019-09-13Countries that Border Mexico
332017-12-18Top 5 Largest Provinces of Canada by Area
332017-11-10Most Guessed African Capitals on JetPunk
322021-04-26Largest Cities in Mediterranean Countries
312017-12-04Countries with the Highest Population Density by Letter
312019-09-08U.S. States and Mexican States that Border Texas
272019-12-14Cities of Alameda County
272017-11-14Countries that Border Ethiopia
272018-07-21Countries and Capitals Picture Quiz
272017-12-13National Birds of the Americas
272017-12-18Top 10 Largest States of Mexico by Area
262017-12-21Top 10 U.S. States by Land Area Percentage
262019-10-29Most Populous California Counties
252017-12-01Top 10 Earliest US States
242022-06-30Word Scramble - Pokémon
222022-02-14Largest Cities in Andhra Pradesh
212021-09-15Lesser-Known Cities Quiz
212019-09-08Largest City by Country Shape
212017-11-14Countries that Border Argentina
202017-12-18Top 10 Largest States of Brazil by Area
192017-11-20Top 10 Smallest Indian States by Area
192017-12-19Top 12 Biggest Cities in India That End in -Nagar
182017-12-21Badges I Earned
172022-03-01ప్రపంచంలో అన్నీ దేశాలు (Prapancamlō annī deśālu)
152022-01-18Abjad, Abugida, or Alphabet?
142017-12-21Typing Pokemon Backwards
132018-01-15Pokémon World Lyrics
122021-10-11Country Names in Naturian
112021-05-17Andhra Pradesh State Quiz
112017-11-15Top 20 Most Popular Quizzes on JetPunk
82018-10-09Pokémon GO Tyranitar Attacks
82017-12-08States of India - One Minute Sprint
72021-09-24తూర్పు ఆసియా మ్యాప్ క్విజ్
72021-06-06Countries with Animals - Tile Select
72021-06-04Word Scramble - Chinese Cities
62017-12-12States of India Through Which Narmada Flows
52021-10-18ఐరోపా మ్యాప్ క్విజ్
42022-11-30తేలిక భూగోళశాస్త్రం: నిజమా కాదా?
42021-09-24భారతదేషంలో రాష్ట్రాలు
32019-12-14Cities and Towns of Contra Costa County
32021-09-16ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేష్లో జిల్లాలు
22021-09-24భారతదేషం రాష్ట్రాల రాజధానలు
22022-09-28౧౯౫౧ సంవత్సరంలో భారతదేశం రాష్ట్రాలు
12022-03-02"బ" తో మొదలయ్యే దేశాలు
02022-03-02చైనీస్ రాశిచక్రం క్విజ్
02023-01-22మా తెలుగు తల్లికి