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1,1512021-12-15Danganronpa Survivors
9642021-03-10Biggest French-Speaking Cities
7352021-11-20Languages Official in Only One Country
6932017-12-05Biggest Dutch-Speaking Cities
5382017-07-13Countries by Population Increase: 2100
3502024-03-14Fire Emblem Heroes Characters
3252018-04-22Umstrittene Länder der Welt
2082019-04-17Germanic Language Countries With Exceptions
2012018-02-14Megacities in 2100
1612017-11-28Die meisten bevölkerten 2100
1452022-03-18Countries without Colonization
1402020-04-30Barely Disputed Countries
1382018-04-22Disputed Countries
1382017-05-27Countries More Populous Than Their Neighbors - 2100
1372017-08-07Germanic Languages
1342017-08-06Celtic Languages
1292020-09-01Call of Duty Zombies Order
1282017-07-02Middle East by Primary Religion
1182017-10-22Countries Without Corruption With Exceptions
1052017-10-12Most Spoken Languages by Letter
1052017-10-26Languages in Indiana
922024-03-21Mega Quiz Fire Emblem
882017-05-23Most Guessed Country by Letter
872017-05-26Most Guessed Language by Letter
852020-07-20Taiwan Recognition
832019-11-28Länder der Welt nach offiziellen Namen
792017-08-17Most Guessed Capitals A-Z
792017-12-22Largest Language Group
692017-06-05Neutral Countries
682018-02-15Multiple Large Cities Countries - 2100
672017-08-15Countries Ending in A With Exceptions
642017-08-01Call of Duty Zombies Characters
632017-04-24Western Sahara Recognition
622017-07-05Countries with Largest Water Area
552018-01-25Largest Cities in Indiana with Exceptions
542017-07-07Largest Capital Metro Areas
542017-05-12Provinces of China by Population Density
532017-10-17Countries More Peaceful Than Neighbors
532018-05-01Largest Suburb by City
532017-08-06Blato-Slavic Languages
522017-07-02Largest Cities in Disputed Countries with Exceptions
512017-05-12Canada Provinces and Territories by Population Density
482017-10-12Most Spoken Languages By Letter
482018-02-22Largest Cities in Each African Country
482018-09-17Town of Salem: Default Names
462017-11-29My Attempt at a Famous Geography Challenge
452018-04-15Largest Cities in Indiana A-Z
452017-06-18Call of Duty Zombies Throughout the World
442018-03-15Country by Languages
422017-07-12Least Corrupt Countries with Exceptions
412017-07-12Countries With Better Business Than Their Neighbors
412017-07-03Closest Capitals
412018-02-07Largest Cities in Illinois with Exceptions
402017-05-28Most Guessed Element by Letter
402017-08-06Balto-Slavic Countries
382017-04-23First UN Members
382017-07-12Highest Ranking Countries by Ease of Doing Business
362017-06-27Countries More Developed than Neighbors
352017-09-07Largest City by Letter - North America
342017-08-09Loss Of Cities
322018-03-15Countries with Limited Recognition
302017-10-20Longest Country Names
302017-07-16Countries Without Independence Day
292017-05-13States of Brazil by Population Density
292017-05-12Regions of Denmark by Population Density
282020-01-15Unique Colonizer Quiz
282018-06-16Countries by Letter - R
282017-10-26Harder Largest Country A-Z
272018-01-25Largest Cities in Ohio with Exceptions
272018-02-09Largest Cities in California with Exceptions
252017-06-14Youngest Members of the African Union
252017-05-12Mexican States by Population Density
252018-05-07Largest Cities in Michigan with Exceptions
222018-02-22Winter Olympic Teams
192018-05-07Largest Cities in Kentucky with Exceptions
152017-05-12Palestine Governorates by Populations Density
142024-03-14Not FEH Characters
132017-07-03Largest City Propers in Oceania
112018-02-27Countries Less Corrupt Than Their Neighbors
92020-09-04Call of Duty Characters
92017-07-12Countries More Corrupt Than Their Neighbors
82017-05-12Wards of Monaco by Population Density
62021-12-01Official Country Names
62018-03-15Countries of the World 2.0
52019-12-05Characters in FE4