Even More Difficult Scrubs Trivia

Answer these even more difficult questions about the TV sitcom Scrubs
Quiz by JakeBrindley
Last updated: June 21, 2012
First submittedJune 21, 2012
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What is the name of the Asian lab technician?
Where did Turk and JD buy Rowdy?
Garage Sale
Who has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap?
Bob Kelso
From whom did John C. McGinley (Dr Cox) acquire the idea for Dr Cox to touch his nose during his rants?
What disease makes your pee go purple in the sun?
Acute Intermittent Porphyria
What is Carla's brother's name?
What does Turk mistake Carla's brother for when they first meet?
A Valet
What band does JD recommend a cover band of for Carla's wedding?
Who wrote the season 9 version of Lazlo Bane's "Superman", the intro music for the show?
What is the full name of the season 8 intern Sunny?
Sonya Day
Complete this quote by the Janitor: "What are we doing here? Are we _______ ___ ________?"
setting her straight
What does the Janitor tell JD his real name is?
Glenn Matthews
What is the name of JD's screenplay?
Dr Acula
What item of clothing is Janitor regularly referred to as?
What is Kim's occupation?
What is JD's father's job?
Office Supply Salesman
What does JD tell Turk is the middle name of Carla?
Name one of the things Ted keeps in his briefcase
Happy face/revolver
Who is Dr Cox's favourite sports team?
Detroit Red Wings
Who shares a love of this team?
What is Cole's second name?
What does JD refer to his intern Jason as?
What sitcom character does JD's ex girlfriend Danni date?
The Soup Nazi
What does JD do to try to achieve at least one of the things on his "list of things to do before turning 30"?
Run a triathalon
What do Turk and JD test JD's girlfriend Kylie on to see if she is suitable for him?
Complete this quote: Dr Cox: "One thing I am not is..." Dr Kelso: "________"
Complete this quote from the Janitor: "For instance, I enjoy stuffing animals, usually ____ _____ _______"
with other animals
Who plays the priest who marries Janitor and Lady in The Bahamas?
Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence
What type of person does Elliot find repulsive?
Who supposedly invented the game "Jiggly Ball"?
The orderlies
What is the first name of the character Colin Farrell plays in Scrubs?
Who plays Dr Molly Clock?
Heather Graham
Complete the quote from Dr Cox: "That's the biggest aneurism I've ever seen. The woman's a ____ ____"
time bomb
Complete the line from the same episode as the question above: "So now I'll make him pay, each and every day. Until that ______ ______ ______ ________ is no more"
mousse haired little nuisance
What medical procedure in the form of treatment with drugs scares Elliot?
What medical procedure does Elliot learn due to having an epiphany whilst on the toilet on the roof?
Level 10
Jun 24, 2012
Dr. Cox's favorite sports team is the Detroit Red Wings not the Red Sox, also the name is spelled Juanita not Wanita, lastly it is mussed haired little nuissance...the rest were good just need to change those few things. :) good quiz :) ~ballet4evr
Level 10
Jun 24, 2012
Oh, and to any REAL Scrubs fan, Season 9 doesn't count as Scrubs....~ballet4evr