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Last updated: May 25, 2017
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As the war dragged on, both sides resorted to using the _________, in an effort to make sure they had enough soldiers.
In an act of desperation at the Battle of Gettysburg, the Confederate soldiers marched straight to the center of the Union troops, a tactic that was nicknamed ______________.
Pickett's Charge
The Union gained control of the Mississippi River following their victory at the Battle of ________________.
____________, the largest city in the Confederate States of America, was burned to the ground during Sherman's March to the Sea.
Confederate troops proved their relentlessness by continuing to fight back and winning the Battle of __________, the first major battle of the war.
Bull Run
___________ was the general for the Confederacy.
Robert E. Lee
The bloodiest single day of the Civil War took place at the Battle of ____________.
States that had slavery, but stayed with the Union, were known as __________.
Border States
The border state of __________ was important because it gave the Union control of the Ohio River.
The border state of __________ was important because it was located close to Philadelphia, a major city in the Union.
The border state of __________ was important because it was located near Richmond, and helped to protect Washington, D.C..
The border state of __________ was important because it gave the Union access to the Mississippi River.
The President of the Confederate States of America was ________.
Jefferson Davis
Many northerners enlisted in the Union army following the ____________, which changed the goal of the war to be about ending slavery.
Emancipation Proclamation
___________, who was nicknamed Butcher and Unconditional Surrender, was the general for the Union.
Ulysses S. Grant
The Battle of ___________ is considered the turning point of the war because the Confederate loss made it known they wouldn't get any support from England or France.
To end the war quickly, the Union began to destroy the whole south, not just the soldiers, in a tactic known as __________.
Total War
Lincoln convinced northerners to continue supporting the war in the _______________, by claiming it was the job of the living to finish what the dead soldiers had started.
Gettysburg Address
The Civil War officially ended when Lee and Grant signed a peace treaty in ___________, Virginia.
Appomattox Court House
Due to his determination in the Battle of Bull Run, General Thomas Jackson became known as ___________ Jackson.
The first shots of the Civil War were fired at ___________.
Fort Sumter
The capital of the Confederate States of America was _________.
According the ___________ decision by our Supreme Court, even free slaves couldn't be citizens.
Dred Scott
Maine was created as a free state, and Missouri a slave state in the ____________.
Missouri Compromise
The ___________ added California as a free state, set up the Fugitive Slave Act, and outlawed slave trading in Washington D.C.
Compromise of 1850
John Brown killed five pro-slavery people following the vote to allow slavery in Kansas, in an event known as ____________.
Bleeding Kansas
Many slaves escaped towards the north and freedom using the _______, a network of secret hiding places and homes.
Underground Railroad
Who was the President of the Union?
Abraham Lincoln
The Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed for people in territories to vote on whether or not to allow slavery, which is known as ____________. Popular Sovereignty
Popular Sovereignty
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