Ice Age Megafauna of North America

List species native to North America at the peak of the last ice age around 20,000 years ago. larger than 100 Ib (45 kg). This includes both species extinct in the continent but still around on other continents, and species that are extinct. Living megafauna are not included.
This is in NO way a complete list, and mostly just reflects the species and/or genuses that I was able to find pictures for. Some of these pictures are of fragmentary remains
North America includes everything up to the Isthmus of Panama, and offshore islands like those in the Caribbean
There is a lot of debate over specific species for most of these, so which species appear and which ones do not is somewhat arbitrary. Generally, I will try to stick to the genus where there might be confusion.
Where possible, I try to use the name that is most popular. So where there is no common name or if the common name is obscure and rarely used,, the scientific name will appear
Quiz by Kearsarge
Last updated: January 7, 2023
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First submittedOctober 3, 2021
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Level 68
Oct 3, 2021
This quiz is kind of a mess, but I decided to release it as is. I had serious trouble finding paleoart of a lot of these, so for some, I had to use pictures of bones, and others, like the 400 Ib+ giant hutia rats of the Caribbean, the giant muskox, or 4 different genera of giant ground sloth, I was unable to add them at all, as I could find no photos.

I would be fairly surprised if people actually are able to identify Hemauchenia jawbones as the jawbone of an extinct genus of llama, or a top of a skull as a rare extinct deer first found in the Toronto subway, or the back of the skull of a goat-ox thing.

Level 68
Jan 7, 2023
Still a bit of a mess, largely due to an extreme dearth of pictures for some of these species, particularly Soergelia, which vaguely resembled a goat, and the Toronto Subway Deer, which sort of looked like a caribou.

I was able to find a couple more ground sloth reconstructions, but I believe that the list is still not complete. I also have been unable to find anything really, on giant hutia species of the Caribbean, aside from them easily clearing the weight limit for this quiz.

I removed Stegomastodon as I learned through research for the Pleistocene elephantid quiz that all north american gompotheres that are not Mastodons are classified as Cuvieronius. Replaced the pictures of eremotherium, dire wolves, extinct peccaries, hagermans horse, and stockoceros as I found better images for them.