English Words of Latin Origin

Below are 25 Latin words with their English definitions. Can you name some English words that derive from these Latin origins?
Given English's extensive reliance on Latin, there are a great many words that derive from these Latin roots. If your initial guesses aren't registering, try more words.
Quiz by elijahwade
Last updated: February 28, 2022
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Latin word & definition
English word(s)
periculosa, meaning 'dangerous'
peril, perilous
mira, meaning 'strange'
miracle, miraculous, mirage
insula, meaning 'island'
insular, insulate
ager, meaning 'field'
agrarian, agriculture
bona, meaning 'good'
bonus, bonanza
lata, meaning 'wide/broad'
lateral, latitude
est, meaning 'is'
essence, establish, estate
terra, meaning 'land/earth'
terrace, terrain, terrestrial, territory
nova, meaning 'new'
innovate, novel, novelty, novice
alta, meaning 'tall/high'
aqua, meaning 'water'
aquarium, aquatic, aqueduct
nauta, meaning 'sailor'
nautical, nautilus
folium, meaning 'leaf'
foliage, folio
Latin word & definition
English word(s)
libera, meaning 'free'
liberal, liberty
porta, meaning 'gate'
port, portal
trans, meaning 'across'
transform, transgender, transport
femina, menaing 'woman'
effeminate, female, feminine
urbs, meaning 'city'
suburb, urban
proximus, meaning 'nearest'
approximate, proximity
capitis, meaning 'head'
capital, capitol
stella, meaning 'star'
constellation, stellar
audit, meaning 'hear'
audio, audition, auditorium
vita, meaning 'life'
vital, vitamin
lumen, meaning 'light'
illuminate, luminous
finis, meaning 'limit/end'
final, finish, finite
Level 37
Nov 7, 2018
why can't aquaduct be an answer for "aqua", or bonafide for "bona".
Level 94
Nov 8, 2018
Thanks for your comment. As I mention in the caveat, 'given English's extensive reliance on Latin, there are a great many words that derive from these Latin roots. If your initial guesses aren't registering, try more words.' That being said, the correct spelling of 'aquadect' is actually 'aqueduct'. I have adjusted the responses so that 'aqueduct' is a type-in. The permitted answers for 'bona' are difficult, admittedly, but 'bonafide' is in fact two words, both of which are not English words of Latin origin (as is the title of this quiz), but are simply the straight Latin: 'bona' and 'fide'.
Level 73
Jun 12, 2020
Consider accepting territory as an answer for terra? I think it is probably more frequently used (especially among Jetpunkers) than terrier.
Level 94
Jun 12, 2020
Of course! Done.
Level 35
Aug 19, 2020
innovate could be one for nova??
Level 94
Aug 19, 2020
Level 67
Sep 10, 2021
For most of these, there's a fairly limited number of words, but trans has HUNDREDS ... maybe replace that with a different clue or add a greater number of correct answers :)
Level 94
Sep 10, 2021
Did you struggle to find one to fit?
Level 55
Jan 12, 2022
Agriculture is not a derivative of agricola, but rather a cognate. Both words are from ager.
Level 94
Jan 13, 2022
I understand what you mean and I'll amend the quiz to reflect that.
Level 68
Feb 27, 2022
Could we have peninsula for insula?
Level 94
Feb 28, 2022
Level 43
Dec 20, 2022
i love this! nominated