Project Apollo Quiz

The Apollo Program brought humans to another world for the first time, an undertaking unlike any other in human history. Test your knowledge of this monumentous endeavour.
Quiz by elijahwade
Last updated: June 5, 2020
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Which United States President committed the nation to ‘landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth’?
John F. Kennedy
What manned NASA project preceded the Apollo missions, paving the way for contemporary understandings of long-duration spaceflight?
Project Gemini
Who was the chief architect of the Saturn V rocket?
Wernher von Braun
How many stages were part of the Saturn V rocket?
From the bottom of the engine bells to the top of its escape tower, the Saturn V rocket stood nearly 20 meters taller than what famous New York City landmark?
Statue of Liberty
The Greek god Apollo, from which the program derived its name, is the god of what?
Light, music and the Sun
Name all three astronauts who perished in Apollo 1:
Gus Grissom
Ed White
Roger Chaffee
What is the name of the massive building where the final assembly of the Saturn V and Apollo spacecraft took place?
Vehicle Assembly Building
From what book of the Christian Bible did the Apollo 8 astronauts read during a live television broadcast on Christmas Eve, 1968?
At one point, the Lunar Module (LM) was called the ‘LEM’. What do these initials stand for?
Lunar Excursion Module
What was the name of Apollo 11’s Lunar Module?
Apollo 11’s landing site was located within what lunar ‘sea’?
Sea of Tranquility
How many manned Apollo missions landed on the moon?
Which portion of the Lunar Module remained on the moon?
Descent Stage
What is the technical name of the ‘moon buggy’ used during the final three Apollo moon missions?
Lunar Roving Vehicle
Name the two Mercury astronauts who travelled into space as part of the Apollo missions:
Wally Schirra
Alan Shepard
Name the four astronauts who were prime crew members of multiple Apollo missions:
Gene Cernan
Jim Lovell
Dave Scott
John Young
Who was the only scientist to have walked on the moon?
Harrison Schmitt
After splashdown, what portion of the Apollo spacecraft would be retrieved?
Command Module
Much of the hardware used in the Apollo missions was employed during which space station program?
Level 63
Sep 23, 2020
Great quiz. Not to nitpick, but a case can be made that Deke Slayton, a Mercury astronaut (who didn't get to fly on Mercury) flew the last Apollo mission, Apollo-Soyuz (which didn't go to the moon.) Maybe that's too much of a
Level 95
Sep 23, 2020
I definitely appreciate your comment. My grandfather worked on the Apollo missions (including the Apollo-Soyuz mission), so, in addition to their exceptional scientific and technological achievements, they are very dear to me on a personal level.

Speaking technically, 'Project Apollo', as it were, ended with Apollo 17. The Apollo spacecraft used for the Apollo-Soyuz mission was unnumbered and not considered part of Project Apollo as its objective—while definitely significant in its own way—diverged from the objectives of the other Apollo missions (namely, achieving crewed lunar landings). While the missions dubbed Apollo 7-10 and 13 did not result in lunar landings, these missions were either necessary precursors to successful landings or, in the case of Apollo 13, a failed attempt.

Level 16
Mar 18, 2021
I love space could you make more of these because like you space and apollo are dear to me. Thanks so if possible could you make more about space