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50,5592020-04-08 Most Guessed European Capitals
33,4662021-05-04 Most Guessed Asian Capitals
1,3842020-04-15Least Guessed Countries by Letter
1,3422019-02-04US States by Ethnic Group
5792019-01-24Top Five US States by Category
5642018-12-10Countries With A History of Having Communism, Socialism, Ephemeral, or Anarcho Communism
2712018-08-18Least Guessed European Capitals
2552017-12-09Top Five US States By Category 2
2302017-11-10Most Guessed Countries by Letter
2262021-01-1810 US States With The Most Atheists
2192019-02-12US States With NFL Teams
1872019-02-04Most Guessed Country Flags
1582018-02-09Countries With Most Athletes in the 2018 Winter Olympics
1422017-12-09Top Five US States by Category 3
1312018-08-07Countries With Wild Bison
1292019-02-05Countries With Wild Cheetahs
942018-08-07Countries With Wild Jaguars
942017-06-06Most Guessed African Capitals
932018-05-21Countries With Wild Sloths
922017-08-02Countries Where YouTube is or was Blocked
892019-02-12Domesticated Animals
832017-07-17Animal Phobias
752018-08-07Countries With Wild Caribou\Reindeer
702017-06-14Least Guessed US State Capitals
672017-08-09Countries With Over 1,000,000 Water Buffalo
632019-01-1210 US States with the Highest Alcohol Consumption
612019-01-16Worst US States to Live in
602019-01-17Best US States to Live in
532017-06-13Most Guessed US State Capitals
502020-04-14US States by Agricultural Product
502018-07-02Countries With Wild Anteaters
472018-08-07US States with the Most Mammal Species
472017-06-24US States by Fact
432018-02-14Countries With The Least Athletes in the 2018 Olympics
432017-11-19US States That Have "Good" Flags
372018-04-02Top 20 Least Populated US State Capitals
362020-05-03Countries by Musical Instrument
342017-08-10Least Guessed Country Flags
302018-01-16Countries by Fact
232018-08-07US States and Canadian Provinces With Wild Whooping Cranes
232017-08-19Most Guessed States of Mexico
192017-06-14Least Guessed Asia Capitals
162020-06-29Countries With Google Street View
162020-04-17Countries by Agricultural Product
162018-03-05Countries That are New to the Olympics
132017-06-14Least Guessed Africa Capitals