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Can you answer these random facts related to Minecraft Java Edition? Answers change every time you play!
As of version 1.16.5
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Quiz by RLJ
Last updated: February 23, 2021
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First submittedFebruary 22, 2021
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The ruler of End island, killing it is the "final" objective of the game
Ender Dragon
Block that players should beware of when looting desert temples
Luminous variant of obsidian that can be used to craft a respawn anchor
Crying Obsidian
Villager that works with barrels (name the profession)
The only mob that is scared of the night
Block that produces redstone power when shot with an arrow
Resource that can be crafted into poorly durable but highly enchantable tools
Flat and grassy biome with rolling hills and few oak trees
Enchantment that increases underwater movement speed
Depth Strider
Zombie that lives underwater and sometimes uses a trident
Animals whose babies have the most predators out of all passive mobs
Enchantment that increases mining speed
Nether's equivalent of dirt / grass blocks
Thin and cozy floor decoration
Enchantment that increases the amount of drops from mobs
Type of dirt that grass can't spread onto
Coarse Dirt
Block that singlehandedly makes dungeons dangerous
Monster Spawner
Enchantment that increases rate of good loot from fishing
Luck of the Sea
Crop used for breeding several animals and baking bread
Utility block used for repairing items and tools, as well as disenchanting them
Tall flower that gives red dye
Rose Bush
Type of potion obtainable by adding dragon's breath
Block that emits a redstone signal when whatever it faces experiences a change
Valuable orb used i.a. for teleporting around
Ender Pearl
Level 56
Feb 22, 2021
This was a pretty nice quiz! I enjoyed solving it, and took it multiple times! A few things I noticed-

Correct me if I am wrong, but Lapis can't be used as dye anymore, although it can be crafted into one. The same goes for Bonemeal.

Spectral Arrows should be a valid answer along with tipped arrows as they also inflict glowing effect.

Level 56
Feb 23, 2021
Also, the question for Saturation effect stated that it is only obtainable through commands, but if I remember correctly, suspicious stew crafted with Dandelion and Blue Orchids can also provide the effect in pure survival.
Level 74
Feb 23, 2021
Thanks, I made these clues clearer.
Level 78
Feb 28, 2021
Amazing Quiz!

I'm pretty sure that they're called 'Shattered Savannas" and not Scattered Savannas. I also wouldn't call honey a beverage...

Level 52
May 21, 2023
Can’t camels also spawn in a desert biome
Level 52
Jun 21, 2024
Campfire should work for utility block used for specifically cooking food items