Life of Napoleon

Answer these questions about Napoleon. This is my first quiz so let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions.
Quiz by TheCorsican
Last updated: April 24, 2017
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Year of Birth
Year of Death
Original name
Napoleone Buonaparte
Father's name
Carlo Buonaparte
Mother's (maiden) name
Letizia Ramolino
Born on this island
Born in capital of ^
Was inspired in his early years by this Corsican patriot
Pasquale Paoli
Hated this country in his early years
Emigrated to France at this age
Began his military education in this city
Ended his military education in this city
Specialized in this branch of the military
His first major combat event
Siege of Toulon
Gained fame for this event in which he defeated royalist forces on the streets of Paris using artillery
13 Vendémiaire
Began an expedition to this country in order to aid French foreign interests
Fought a battle against the Mamluks near some certain famous landmarks
Battle of the Pyramids
Retreated back to France after this naval loss
Battle of the Nile
Became First Consul of France after this coup in which The Directory was overthrown
18 Brumaire
Fought this battle against the Austrians after his march across the Alps
Battle of Marengo
His coronation as Emperor of the French was in this year
Battle in which Napoleon captured an entire Austrian army through strategic maneuvering
Battle of Ulm
Naval battle in which the invasion of Britain was foiled and a famous British admiral was killed
Battle of Trafalgar
Battle in which Napoleon crushed a combined coalition consisting of the Russian Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. Widely considered to be his greatest victory
Battle of Austerlitz
After ^, The Holy Roman Empire was dissolved and replaced with this polity.
The Confederation of the Rhine
Battles in which the French defeated the Prussian army and captured Berlin
Jena and Auerstedt
Battle in which Napoleon defeated the Russian Empire and ended The War of the Fourth Coalition
Battle of Friedland
Treaties signed with Tsar Alexander I on a raft after ^
Treaties of Tilsit
Battle in which Napoleon defeated the Austrians and ended The War of the Fifth Coalition
Battle of Wagram
War in which the Spanish and Portuguese peoples overthrew Napoleon's instated King
Peninsular War
Napoleon launched a disastrous invasion of this country after it's leader nullified a certain treaty
Also known as the "Battle of Nations", it was the largest battle fought in Europe until the beginning of WWI
Battle of Leipzig
Napoleon abdicated as Emperor and was exiled to this island after ^
Napoleon dramatically escaped from ^ and returned as Emperor of the French in a period known as...
The Hundred Days
Napoleon was finally defeated in this battle in which he faced a combined force of British and Prussian troops
Battle of Waterloo
Napoleon was permanently exiled to this island in the Atlantic Ocean where he would later die
St. Helena
First wife of Napoleon. He divorced her after he realized that she could not produce an heir for him
Joséphine de Beauharnais
Second wife of Napoleon. Daughter of his rival, Francis I of Austria.
Napoleon's only son. Died at a young age and left no children. Was briefly Emperor before the complete end of the First French Empire
Napoleon II
Legendary British naval commander who died in 1805 at the site of his greatest military victory. Has a column named for him.
Horatio Nelson
Irish army commander who would later become Prime Minister of England. One of the greatest defensive military commanders of all time. Known as the Duke of Wellington.
Arthur Wellesley
Prussian commander at the battle of Napoleon's final defeat. Became famous for his contribution to the defeat of Napoleon as well as his hatred of the French Emperor.
Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher
Oldest brother of Napoleon. Was instated as King of France before being overthrown.
Joseph Bonaparte
Younger brother of Napoleon who resisted his older brother on a political level. Cooperated with him in his later years. Seen as one of Napoleon's ablest siblings.
Lucien Bonaparte
Talented Marshal of France who was also a personal friend of Napoleon. Died at the Battle of Aspern-Essling. Napoleon found him a "pygmy" and left him a "giant."
Jean Lannes
Marshal who Napoleon claimed was the Empire's greatest military leader, second to him. Called the "Dear Child of Victory"
André Masséna
Marshal who was a military genius in his own right. Was famous for his loyalty to Napoleon and the discipline of his troops. Dubbed "The Iron Marshal."
Louis-Nicolas Davout
Level 42
May 3, 2017
If you guys have any suggestions, post them here. This was my first quiz so any tips are welcomed.