Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

How well do you know the newest movie in the Batman trilogy?
Quiz by mac212121
Last updated: August 8, 2012
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Batman's real name is Bruce _____
What is the name of Bruce's butler?
Alfred Pennyworth
What is the name of the prison that many are released from during the "revolution"?
What is the name of the masked supervillan that intends to destroy Gotham?
And what is the name of the actor who plays him?
Tom Hardy
Which actress plays Selina Kyle (Catwoman)?
Anne Hathaway
Who directed the movie?
Christopher Nolan
Lucius Fox, who runs Wayne Enterprises, is played by which famous actor and narrator?
Morgan Freeman
What actor plays Batman?
Christian Bale
Which law allowed the police commissioner to eradicate most of the city's organized crime?
Dent Act
What is the police commissioner's name?
James Gordon
The comissioner promotes the young patrol officer John Blake
(played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to which position?
What is this young officer's real name (revealed when he is getting a checked bag)?
At the end of the movie, Alfred sees Bruce again in which foreign city?
Selina Kyle (Catwoman), steals what piece of jewelry from Bruce that belonged to his mother?
Finish the quote spoken at the makeshift courts, "Death or _____"
Which football team's players were used during the football game?
PIttsburgh Steelers
What player ran back the kickoff for a touchdown during the game?
Hines Ward
The missing Russian nuclear physicist name is Dr. _____
Level 91
Aug 7, 2012
You've got to add some leeway on the Dent Act. It didn't accept Harvey Dent Act (which is the actual name of the act), Harvey Dent Law, Dent Law, Dent's Act, Dent's Law, Harvey Dent's Act, or Harvey Dent's Law.
Level 36
Aug 7, 2012
I agree with tschutzer
Level 78
Aug 7, 2012
Ditto on Dent. Also, you should accept pearl necklace, not just pearls. It was technically a necklace.
Level 41
Aug 7, 2012
Also please add some leeway for the piece of jewellery answer. I tried 'Pearl Necklace' and it didn't work.
Level ∞
Aug 7, 2012
Sorry for all that. Anything that includes "Dent Act", "Dent Law", "Pearls" or "Necklace" will work now.
Level 32
Aug 8, 2012
good quiz, only "which foreign city?" answer should also accept Firenze, actual name of the city. cheers
Level 7
Aug 15, 2012
yea but they dont use firenze in the movie they used florence. stick with the movie and dont try and get technical
Level 8
Oct 1, 2012
blackgate? i thought it was the pit any way i only got six right- im not good with the cast
Level 22
Nov 2, 2012
Blackgate is the prison in Gotham where the prisoners went free. No one was technically freed from the Pit, Bruce escaped.
Level 82
Mar 15, 2013
well Bruce tossed down a bunch of ropes after he escaped which I think was meant to allow the other prisoners to climb out. But I thought that Blackgate was clear from the clue.
Level 33
Jun 24, 2013
why would Ward be taking back a kick. I don't think he ever took back a kick in his life (in the NFL at least).
Level 23
Jul 4, 2013
I forgot how to spell "Necklace". I hate my life right now
Level 75
Jul 16, 2014
The photo looks like Gary Oldman, but he wasn't on the quiz.
Level 68
Dec 4, 2019
He is on the quiz as “police commissioner’s name”.
Level 53
Nov 4, 2015
couldn't remember the butler's name. thanks for mentioning him in another question :-)
Level 82
Aug 28, 2017
Did we really need not one but two football questions on a Batman movie quiz?
Level 36
Mar 13, 2018
Level 81
Mar 18, 2022
It was obviously a Batman-themed football movie.
Level 61
Jun 8, 2018
the i in "PIttsburgh Steelers" shouldn't be capitalized
Level 68
May 7, 2019
Got 9/19 and I haven't watched it. I really should though.
Level 68
May 7, 2019
TDK was great.
Level 68
Dec 4, 2019
16, just missed the last 3. Terrible movie though. Wish I could un-watch it.
Level 70
Dec 5, 2019
Knew it was Pav- something.
Level 40
Jul 27, 2020
I always forget that Gordan can be spelt Gordon :((((

I don't know why the first spelling is always stuck in my head as the only one :/

Level 76
Mar 7, 2023
I tried Bruce Lee, Bruce Banner, and Bruce Willis before I got the question correct. I think I need sleep...