Twilight Trivia

Test your knowledge of the Twilight saga!
Quiz by mac212121
Last updated: March 26, 2012
First submittedMarch 26, 2012
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Author's name
Stephenie Meyer
First book title
Second book title
New Moon
Third book title
Fourth book title
Breaking Dawn
Fifth book title
(leaked to public)
Midnight Sun
Bella's last name?
Edward's last name
Bella's dad's name?
Name of Bella and Edward's baby
City in Washington that Bella
moves to
City that Bella is originally from
Name of the vampire coven in Italy
Male vampire who tries to kill Bella,
in the 1st book
Creates a "newborn" vampire army,
in the 3rd book
Who plays Bella in the movie series?
Kristen Stewart
Who plays Edward in the movie series?
Robert Pattinson
Who plays Jacob in the movie series?
Taylor Lautner
Jacob Black's tribe
Movie that is a parody of Twilight
Vampires Suck
Edward's age in "vampire years"
when Bella meets him
Type of vehicle that Bella drives
Level 19
Jun 13, 2012
I tried "Llama" for "Who plays Jacob in the movie series?", but it didn't work :(
Level 38
Jun 22, 2012
I'm happy to report I got 0 correct!
Level 26
Apr 22, 2014
WELL DONE! You have proven that you have taste in literature
Level 81
Oct 18, 2017
^Doubtless because it is badly written trash.
Level 46
May 2, 2018
Either that or he's never picked up a book
Level 46
Mar 15, 2015
I got 2 right. The name of the 1st book and the main actress's name.
Level 28
Aug 23, 2012
I got them all with 6.24 remaining :)
Level 33
Feb 22, 2013
100% with 6:59 left
Level 23
Feb 25, 2013
so close with edwards age!!! put 105!!!! grrrrrr... great quiz though!
Level 25
Nov 16, 2013
You should accept Riley for "creates a newborn army in the third book" because Riley created the vampires, while Victoria did nothing.
Level 26
Mar 10, 2018
Wrong. How did Riley become a vampire if Victoria did nothing? He didn't bite himself.
Level 43
Aug 1, 2014
there are sooooooooo many parody movies i tried like 17 of them before i finally got it.
Level 61
May 30, 2015
Yes, but Vampires Suck is the only one that only parodies Twilight
Level 51
Dec 11, 2014
I'm ashamed for getting all of these right
Level 71
Feb 8, 2015
Unfortunately, I still can get them all right. But to spell "Quileute" was quite a challenge.
Level 82
Aug 12, 2015
The books were ok, the films were ok (although got progressively worse each time). I am not a massive fan, neither do I detest them. I can understand why it has a massive following and appeals to a lot of people much like Harry Potter does to other people, and LOTR to other people and Star Wars to others still. It's an indicator to peoples diverse tastes. But what I do hate, is when people think it is somehow a slight on someones charachter to like one of these series and not liking it themselves makes them come across as cool or more cultured. I mean the fact that anyone would take the time to actually slate something that is massively popular speaks volumes to me about what kind of person they are.. I won't type out those words - but you get the gist.
Level 79
Feb 1, 2016
You should accept Lucifer for the name of Bella and Edward's baby.


Level 10
Nov 23, 2017
midnight sun is not very well known maybe you should dumb it down for other twilight fans. I knew though and got them all right
Level 48
Feb 21, 2018
lol I knew Edward was born in 1901 in chicago, and that bella was born in 1987. so I had to add 17 years to Bellas age (2004) and substract 1901 from that and then guess the numbers around that. A whole lot of calculating >.
Level 67
Jul 26, 2019
Looks like a weird way haha, wouldnt it be more logical to do 87-1 (the difference between them) and then +17. Like "she is 17, he is 86 years older"

though mathematical nothing wrong with your way, I dont see the logical development in yours. Not that it matters :)

Level 36
Feb 22, 2018
why truck. I took 2 minutes trying to figure it out. I am pissed. I gave up.
Level 26
Oct 3, 2021
I agree. I tried ''chevy'' and it didn't even work. Then I wrote ford and it was accepted.
Level 73
Mar 23, 2018
Would you accept "who cares" for every question?
Level 26
Oct 3, 2021
The 12th question is a bit confusing since Bella was born in Forks... so she is originally from Forks.
Level 44
Jul 24, 2022
for the record my gf knew midnight sun but could not think of it under the extreme pressure this quiz put upon her. I'd like everyone to acknowlegde this and give her the brownie points shes entitled to. thank you very much