Ultimate Hunger Games Characters Quiz

Based on the clues, guess these Hunger Games characters.
Sometimes, you will need to guess first names.
Quiz by helen62442
Last updated: August 16, 2012
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The girl on fire
Katniss Everdeen
Sister to ^
Primrose Everdeen
The boy with the bread
Peeta Mellark
Host of the Hunger Games Interviews
Caesar Flickerman
President of Panem
Coriolanus Snow
Katniss's hunting friend
Gale Hawthorne
District 2 male tribute, leader of Careers during 74th games
Young tribute Katniss makes an alliance with
Katniss's head stylist
Female tribute from District 5, poisoned by nightlock
Male tribute from District 11 who lets Katniss live
Katniss's and Peeta's drunken mentor
Haymitch Abernathy
Head gamemaker - 74th Games
Seneca Crane
Head gamemaker - 75th Games
Plutarch Heavensbee
Peppy District 12 chaperone
Effie Trinket
District 1 female tribute, killed by tracker jackers
District 2 female tribute, skilled in knife throwing during 74th games
Crazy girl from District 4
Annie Cresta
District 1 male tribute who kills Rue with a spear
District 7 male tribute in 75th games
Male tribute from District 3 in 75th games, favoured weapon is wire
Katniss's bodyguard in District 13, entrusts the Holo to her
Girl from District 8, escaped with Twill
Male tribute from District 2 in 75th games, known for his brutality
Prim's cat
District 1 female tribute in the 75th games
Leader of District 8 rebels, later becomes president of Panem
Commander Paylor
Camera man who filmed Katniss
President of District 13
Alma Coin
Male tribute from District 11 for the 75th games
Hunger Games announcer
Claudius Templesmith
Gives Katniss the mockingjay pin
Madge Undersee
Female tribute from District 7, skilled in throwing axes
Johanna Mason
Madge's aunt who died during the 50th games
Maysilee Donner
Head Peacekeeper of District 12 before Thread
Director of the District 13 TV program on Katniss
A friend brought in to help Peeta sort out his memories
Delly Cartwright
Part of Katniss's prep team
Plutarch's assistant, originally from the Capital
Fulvia Cardew
Pretty district 1 male tribute in the 75th games
A cook from the Hob in District 12, a friend to Katniss
Greasy Sae
District 8 female tribute in the 75th games, looks to be about 30 years old
District 10 refugee
One of the youngest Peacekeepers in District 12, made into an Avox
Star Squad soldier who testifies that Boggs entrusted the Holo to Katniss
District 2 female tribute, famous for ripping out a tribute's throat with her teeth
Second in command to Boggs
Coal miner from District 12, appears when Gale is being whipped
District 4 tribute at the 75th games, favoured weapon is the trident
Finnick Odair
Prim's goat
Ginger Avox girl who worked as Katniss's servant at the Capital
Star Squad solidier, killed by a pod, sister to below
Leeg 1
Star Squad soldier, sister to above
Leeg 2
Gale's brother
Vick Hawthorne
Gale's sister
Posy Hawthorne
Gale's mother
Hazelle Hawthorne
Katniss's neighbour from District 12, able to make it to District 13
Commander of a District 2 rebellion
Katniss's doctor
Dr. Aurelius
Female tribute from District 4 who voluntarily kills herself
District 11 harvest worked, mentioned by Rue as having a mental disorder
District 13 assistant TV director
Star Squad soldier from District 13, great at shooting long-district targets
Two tributes from District 6 in the 75th games, sickly because of drug use
Part of Katniss's prep team
Avox who leads the rebels under the Capitol
Peeta's stylist
A peacekeeper in District 12
One-armed woman who sold white liquor at the Hob
Butcher in District 12
Whips Gale after becoming head peacekeeper
Romulus Thread
Gale's brother
Rory Hawthorne
Female tribute from District 11 in the 75th games
Male trainer at the archery station, helps Katniss prepare for the games
Shelters the rebels in the Capitol
Male tribute from District 6 from a past game, apparently went cannibal
Woman who escaped District 8 during the uprising, about 35 years old
Part of Katniss's prep team, has a strong personality and able to hide her feelings
Female tribute from District 3, realised the landscape was a clock
District 8 male tribute, said to be senile during the 75th games
Level 44
Aug 19, 2012
awesome quiz!
Level 90
Sep 21, 2012
Some I got simply by reading the clues - Boggs, Plutarch, etc. are mentioned in the clues for other characters.
Level 85
Nov 27, 2018
Good for 9/80!
Level 43
Sep 22, 2012
I got Titus but not Lady... wow
Level 20
Sep 24, 2012
26/80 - 33%
Level 24
Dec 26, 2012
WOW i only got 44 of these i wanted to slap myself when i was done
Level 43
Nov 16, 2013
Should the clue for Mitchell be 'great at shooting long-distance targets' not long-district?
Level 44
Dec 24, 2018
Yeah, good catch. It should definitely be long-distance
Level 24
Dec 6, 2013
57/80 not too shabby... :)
Level 44
Mar 29, 2014
78/80 Missed Tax and Bristel
Level 34
Apr 13, 2014
Please accept Joanna for Johanna - I couldn't get it because of that :(
Level 65
Nov 24, 2015
In the movies, that's how it's pronounced, so do it
Level 21
Aug 21, 2023
wait they pronounce it joanna? thats pretty stupid lol, just more reason to hate the movies (:
Level 61
Jul 29, 2015
Probabaly one of the best quizzes about charactors that I've seen on here! I love it!
Level 62
Apr 2, 2016
How is Effie Trinket only the 12th most-guessed answer? I've only seen the films and hardly remembered any characters. If more people can remember Foxface (I have no recollection of who that is), how can they not remember one of the main characters?
Level 24
Feb 27, 2017
basically started typing in random characters
Level 77
Jul 7, 2017
Why did so few people get Portia? Isn't it clear?
Level 20
Aug 28, 2018

me throughout the quiz.

Level 63
Jan 23, 2020
Some of the hints give away answers.
Level 37
Oct 9, 2020
Awesome quiz! One of the most challenging yet. 77/80
Level 44
Mar 6, 2021
Wow, taking this quiz made me realize that I definitely need to do a reread sometime, I barely remembered anyone. Quite a few of them were on the tip of my tongue but I couldn't quite place them.
Level 48
May 12, 2021
noone escapes from cinna mine
Level 56
Apr 8, 2022
80/80 but im basically obsessed. Also, where is Atala? She was the head trainer in the Capitol
Level 41
Jun 7, 2022
Same. Only 45.
Level 41
Jun 7, 2022
Hey, I remembered Bristel!