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____ __ _____, I hit the sack, it's been too long I'm glad to be backBack in Black
Goin' down, for a time, all my friends are gonna be there too, I'm on the _______ __ ____Highway to Hell
She was a fast machine, she kepr her motor cleanYou Shook Me All Night Long
Went through to Texas, yeah, Texas and we had some fun, we met some girls, some dancers who gave a good timeThunderstruck
My lightnin's flashing across the sky, you're only young, but you're gonna die/ You got me ringing ____'_ _____Hell's Bells
See me ride out of the sunset, on your color TV screenT.N.T
Pick up the phone, I'm always home, call me any timeDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
_____ __ ______, play to kill, too many women with too many pillsShoot to Thrill
Ridin' down the highway, goin' to a show, stoppin' on the byways, playin' rock n' rollIt's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock N' Roll)
Stand up and be counted for what you are about to receive, we are the dealers, we'll give you everything you needFor Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
It was one of those nights where you turn out the light and everything comes into view/ Seems like a touch, a _____ ___ ____Touch Too Much
In the beginning, back in 1955, man didn't know 'bout a rock n' roll showLet There Be Rock
Runaway train, running right off the trackRock N' Roll Train
We're just talkin' about the future, forget about the past, it'll always be with us, it's never gonna dieRock N' Roll Aint Noise Pollution
Tailored suits, chauffered cars, fine hotels and big cigars, up for grabs, all for a priceMoneytalks
Video games she play me, face it on the level but it take you every time on a one on oneWho Made Who
Don't worry 'bout tomorrow, take it today, forget about the check, we'll get hell to payHave a Drink on Me
___ ___ _____ for a good time, then get ready for the night lineAre You Ready
I've been around the world, I've seen a million girlsGirl's Got Rhythm
You're workin' in bars, ridin' in cars, never gonna give it for freeWhat Do You Do For Money Honey

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