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Derek Jeter gets 1 hit out of 5 at bats. What is his batting average?.200
The Milwaukee Brewers win 81 of 162 regular season games. What is their win percentage?.50
CC Sabathia allows 2 earned runs in 6 innings pitched. What is his ERA?3
Miguel makes an error 1 time out of 20 attempts. What is his fielding percentage?.95
In 10 plate appearances, Ryan Howard gets hit by the pitch 1 time, gets 2 hits, and gets walked 1 time.
What is his on base percentage?
Curtis Granderson has played 81 games and hit 34 home runs. If he continues his current pace,
how many home runs will he have at the end of the 162 game season?
Justin Verlander wins 20 games and loses 5. What is his Win-Loss percentage?.80
Prince Fielder has 4 at bats. He strikes out 2 times, hits 1 home run, and hits 1 single.
What is his slugging percentage?

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