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27,7752022-03-29Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor
19,4252018-09-04James Cameron Movies
18,8152022-03-29Golden Raspberry for Worst Actress
14,1912018-09-04Mob & Gangster Movie Quotes
12,0242023-06-19 Wes Anderson Movies Quiz
10,6962023-01-06 Godfather Quotes
10,2942018-08-29Movies Set in Detroit Quiz
6,5852019-12-12Vampires in Movies and Television
5,2042014-11-26Vince Vaughn Movies Quiz
4,6962014-01-172014 Oscar Nominees Quiz
4,4852019-09-30Meryl Streep Movies
4,1762013-05-08Will Ferrell Quotes
3,8832015-01-172015 Oscar Nominees Quiz
3,6392019-12-16Jeff Bridges Movies
3,3022018-09-04Patrick Swayze Movies Quiz
3,1302014-08-07Kevin Costner Movies Quiz
2,7202019-09-17Movies that Start with Q
2,3732019-09-17Movies that Start with V
2,3272019-09-18Movies that Start with Z
2,2632013-01-242013 Oscar Nominees Quiz
2,1592019-09-18Movies that Start with Y
2,0832014-08-12Woody Allen Movies Quiz
2,0572019-09-17Movies that Start with U
1,9172012-03-21Best Fight Club Movie Quotes Quiz
1,7372012-02-152012 Oscar Nominees Quiz
1,2932012-03-21Best Dumb and Dumber Quotes Quiz
1,1642012-11-22Sean Penn Movies
1,1402012-03-21Best American Pie Quotes
1,1162012-03-21Best Austin Powers Quotes Quiz
8472012-03-22Ace Venture Quotes Quiz
8432012-03-21Best Billy Madison Quotes Quiz
8092012-03-22Best Scarface Quotes Quiz
7172012-03-21Best Good Will Hunting Quotes Quiz
5212012-03-22Best Office Space Quotes Quiz
5202012-03-21Best Dazed and Confused Quotes Quiz
3372012-03-22Best Kindergarten Cop Quotes Quiz
3232012-03-22Best Old School Quotes Quiz
2712012-03-21Best Field of Dreams Quotes Quiz
2552012-03-22Best Jerry Maguire Quotes Quiz
1202012-03-22Best Rounders Quotes Quiz