Movies that Start with Z

Based on the descriptions, name these movies that start with the letter Z
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Last updated: September 18, 2019
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Male model discovers there's more to life than being really, really, really,
ridiculously good looking
Ben Stiller
Survivors of a zombie apocolypse head to a California amusement park
which is supposedly free of zombies
Emma Stone
The story of the decade-long manhunt to find Osama Bin Laden
Jessica Chastain
Zero Dark Thirty
Detectives pursue a San Francisco serial killer who taunts police by
promising to kill one person for every astrological sign
Jake Gyllenhaal
In a world run by animals, a cute little bunny has an improbable dream
to become a police officer
Ginnifer Goodwin
A film version of the famous follies of the Broadway stage
in the early 1900s
Lucille Ball
Ziegfeld Follies
An uptight Englishman becomes fast friends with a carefree Grecian
Anthony Quinn
Zorba the Greek
A regiment of English soldiers fights against South African tribesmen
Michael Caine
Level 73
Sep 18, 2019
Zardoz starring Sean Connery.
Level 53
Mar 22, 2020
Level 56
Jun 17, 2020
Man o man how far off can a quiz be . .Zulu was a film of the 24th s defence of rorkes drift , .where a record 7 vc's were awarded . Calling it english force when actually was a Welsh regiment is farsical ,it may indeed of been Anglo Zulu war but again Welsh has been replaced with English or Scottish or whatever other nation questioner dreams up
Level 70
Aug 17, 2023
You should add Zookeeper with Kevin James. You should also add Zathura, Zoom and Z For Zackariah.
Level 88
Oct 13, 2023
The defence of Rorke’s Drift, although successful, was a mere sideshow to the much larger Battle of Isandlwana taking place that day. The overall result was a massive and humiliating defeat for the British army (which included the colonies of Scotland and Wales) the first time heavily-armed Imperial forces had been beaten by mainly spear-wielding natives - a remarkable feat on the part of the Zulu. The standard British response to military misadventure is to hand out a bunch of VC’s, thereby distracting the public from the less appealing truth.

Arguing about which accent the perpetrators of this unholy massacre used, seems to rather miss the point…

Level 43
Dec 11, 2023

"British" or "Britain" encompasses not just the English but also the Scottish and Welsh

Although "spear wielding natives" could be considered a slightly inaccurate/controversial description because technically the only people "native" to South Africa are the Khoi and San groups. Bantu peoples such as the Zulu (despite being based in South Africa for a long, long time now) migrated from further north. But I get what you meant, the terminology can just be a bit... well it's easy to be pedantic about it. These things can be tricky - of course, depending on where in the world is being discussed and by who - but otherwise what you said is pretty accurate, I just wanted to note that one thing :)

- from a South African history and archaeology student

Level 43
Dec 11, 2023
Hi, South African history and archaeology student here. "Tribe" (as in "tribesmen") is not really used anymore in the South African or African context anymore because of the historical usage and offensive connotations (ie "tribal" being used for peoples that were thought of as "primitive" - or "undeveloped" or "backward" - by old racist European/US anthropologists. Perhaps this is more of an academia thing rather than a casual everyday language thing, but just thought I'd let you know anyway :)

(However, please note that "tribe" is still a valid term used for or even claimed by other people groups around the world, such as some Native American groups.)

Level 70
Apr 4, 2024
The British regiment who fought the Zulus were Welsh, not English. Please change the word “English” to either Welsh or British, thank you