Vampires in Movies and Television

Based on the description, name these TV shows, movies and movie series that feature vampires.
Quiz by MoviePunk
Last updated: December 12, 2019
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First submittedJuly 28, 2013
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Movie or Series
Bela Lugosi stars as the most famous of all vampires
Vampire and werewolf fight for the affections of a moody teenage girl with
great-tasting blood
Interviewer hears a story about vampire life in New Orleans and Paris
Interview with the
Last man on Earth tries to reverse the virus that turns people into
vampire-like "darkseekers"
I am Legend
Half-vampire, half-man hunts vampires and looks cool in leather
Despicable criminals fight vampires in a bar/strip club in the Mexican desert
From Dusk Till Dawn
Man hunts vampires with a sweet automatic crossbow
Van Helsing
Johnny Depp dons white face paint to star as a kooky vampire who must deal
with his numerous descendents
Dark Shadows
In the future, blood is in short supply as almost everyone has become a vampire
Bullied child has a vampire girlfriend to defend him
Let Me In
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent,
a new nation, riddled with vampires
Abraham Lincoln
Vampire Hunter
TV Show
High school is tough, especially if your school is built directly atop a portal to hell
Buffy the
Vampire Slayer
Spin-off of the above, about a vampire who becomes human and feels guilt
Sexy vampires lust for fairy blood in Bon Temps, Louisiana
True Blood
Mathematical vampire teaches kids to count
Sesame Street
Teenage girl is in a love triangle with vampire half-brothers, how original!
Vampire Diaries
Vampire, ghost, and werewolf are flatmates in Bristol, England
Being Human
Level 91
Sep 9, 2013
Maybe be a little more forgiving on spelling? It didn't take "From Dusk til Dawn", so I tried "From Dusk to Dawn". When that didn't work, I tried Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood and John Carpenter's Vampires, both of which have enough similarities to give them a fighting chance of being right... before ultimately giving up.
Level 55
Sep 9, 2013
The book is I Am Legend, but it's been turned into three movies: The Last Man on Earth, Omega Man, and Will Smith's I Am Legend. The first and third involve vampires, so technically both are correct.
Level 82
Sep 9, 2013
Just about typed in Vampire Diaries before hitting "give up"... ex-gf used to like that show but I've never seen it.
Level 82
Dec 27, 2016
More recent ex introduced me to What We Do in the Shadows. You ought to add that one.
Level 82
May 10, 2020
Also Nosferatu, Shadow of the Vampire, and Hotel Transylvania. Heck, if you're going to include Van Helsing and Dark Shadows then you could find room from Underworld and Fright Night, as well.
Level 54
Sep 9, 2013
You need to add Underworld to this quiz. Kate Beckinsale is yummy.
Level 13
Mar 10, 2014
And what about manga/japanime as well? 'Vampire Hunter D', 'Rosario and Vampire', 'Vampire Academy', and maybe a small host of others that I don't know.
Level 95
Nov 20, 2018
What about them?

The quiz is titled "Vampire in Movies and Television," not "All Vampire Movies and Television Series." Though that may make a fun quiz too, it'd be ridiculously long.

Level 67
Apr 12, 2015
Although Angel DID become human (briefly) at least once, a better clue might be "Spin-off of the above, about a vampire who regains his soul and feels guilt".
Level 85
Aug 25, 2018
Yes, the show is unequivocally not about a vampire who becomes human and feels guilt. It's about a vampire who regains his soul and feels guilt. He remains a vampire. As ayjayh alluded, there was one episode where he got to be human again, but the event that led to it was reversed (so that it never happened) by the end of the episode.
Level 52
Mar 16, 2016
damon and stefan are not half brothers on TVD
Level 85
Aug 25, 2018
The wife and the grandpa were vampires on The Munsters. Also, Eddie Munster was half vampire, half werewolf.
Level 66
Jan 16, 2019
Lost Boys, anyone?
Level 83
May 21, 2019
Came here just to say this! Lost Boys would be great.
Level 86
Mar 3, 2019
Eleven! Eleven correct answers! AH AH AH!
Level 55
Jun 16, 2020
Damon and Stefan are not half-brothers on The Vampire Diaries
Level 85
Oct 24, 2020
My friends' young son used to call The Count on Sesame Street "the counting boy." So cute.
Level 76
Aug 1, 2021
Twilight has a higher percentage than fricking Dracula. The horror.
Level 89
Mar 3, 2022
1897 vs 2008 ;)
Level 89
Mar 3, 2022
Without even reading any clues I typed "Dracula" and "Nosferatu". I was shocked when the latter wasn't a correct answer...
Level 68
Nov 14, 2022
No Nosferatu?