Languages Most Similar to Finnish

Can you guess which languages have the highest level of similarity to Finnish (in written form)? Good luck!
Only includes languages which are official in at least one country.
Index on a 0 to 100 scale with lower numbers indicating higher similarity.
Quiz by baptistegorce
Last updated: November 20, 2022
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First submittedNovember 20, 2022
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Level 67
Nov 20, 2022
Sami is not a single language. It's a group of ten different languages. Some of them are official in certain municipalities in Norway, but not at national level.
Level 54
Nov 20, 2022
This quiz series uses the JetPunk standards, and Sami is recognized by them as an official language of Norway. I know that it's debatable, but I have a rule and I'm following it.
Level 49
Nov 22, 2022
Thank you!

Level 10-19 belongs to Finnic sub-branch in Uralic family, which has had small (now some of them endangered or even died) languages like Karelian, Vepsian, (which both are in eLinguistics application), Votic, Livonian. Vienan Karelian is mutually intelligble with Finnish, Votic is very interesting language in-between Finnish and Estonian. Livonian can easily be noticed as related, but without prior learning only some words are recognizable for Finnish speaker.

Level 60+ here is for distantly related languages. Probably the closest of distant relatives is Mordvin (Erzyan and Moksha), which feel for me as a Finnish speaker quite familiar compared to Hungarian and Samoyedic languages (like Nenets). eLinguistics index for Finnish and Nenets similarity is 51.2.

These are the borders of language family, at least what linguistics can tell. I would say that Uralic and Turkic languages are not related.

Level 54
Nov 23, 2022
It's me who have to thank you, for your compliment and event more for these very complete explanations! I think you did there an excellent summary of the interest of eLinguistics. And also thanks for the stats! To be honest, I only test official languages (so those who have a chance to be in these quizzes as an answer) and some regional languages, but I didn't know for Nenets, that's prettu interesting. And yeah, I think your final conclusion is completely accurate.
Level 49
Nov 23, 2022
Great! These are very good quizzes for everybody interested in languages.

About Finnish and Nenets, it is interesting that index in eLinguistics shows closer similarity than between Finnish and for example Mari, which genetically (historically) have much closer relation. This again shows that modern similarity and genetic relation are correlated, but not with coefficient 1. Loan words and sound changes affect the similarity in vocabulary.

Level 54
Nov 23, 2022
Yeah, that's pretty interesting with Uralic languages, which know several divisions. So these languages, which could be close in term of families are kinda distant between the words themselves. Sometimes, that's the contrary (we can find some curiosities between some romance and germanic languages, for example).

Whatever, thank you very much for the interest that you shows for this quiz series!