Statistics for Random Handheld Consoles by Descriptions

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Console with two screens, it stood out from its older sister with a top screen capable of displaying 3D.Nintendo 3DS
Hybrid console for both portable and living room use.Nintendo Switch
Second and last handheld console from Sony, its screen was touch screen, unlike its older sister.Playstation Vita
First Sony handheld console.Playstation Portable
First console to have two screens, it was also equipped with a touch screen.Nintendo DS
First real success among portable consoles, this console was nevertheless monochrome and not very powerful, unlike its competitors.Game Boy
Bad quality console marketed by Tiger Electronics, it is best known as the first touch screen console. It could also connect to the
Console from SNK, it was appreciated by some players for its directional stick and its magnificent games, especially fighting games.Neo-Geo Pocket
Worthy heir to her older sister, she was backwards compatible with her games. Its only default was corrected with a backlit SP model.Game Boy Advance
The only real competitor to the Game Boy, it only sold 10 million copies.Game Gear
Commercialised almost at the same time as the Game Boy, this much more powerful system was not as successful as expected. It could be held in both directions for easy left-handed operation.Lynx
Console dedicated to the Pokémon universe, it is the smallest and lightest console produced by Nintendo.Pokémon Mini
Created by Sega, it made possible to play Genesis games in portable mode.Nomad
First portable console with interchangeable cartridges, it was marketed by Milton Bradley and was sold with the game Breakout.Microvision
Bad quality console marketed by Tiger Electronics, it had red-toned graphics and the first model was worn as a blindfold in front of the eye.R-Zone
Hybrid between a console and a mobile phone, it was marketed by a Finnish telephone giant.N-Gage
Japanese console named TurboExpress in North America, it was nicknamed the Rolls-Royce of handheld consoles because of its price and high quality.PC-Engine GT
Japanese exclusive invented by the famous Gunpei Yokoi, it was nicknamed the console of all records because of its autonomy, size and weight.Wonderswan
Known to be one of the worst scams in the history of handheld consoles, its release was announced on a date that actually was its factory release. But it came with a GPS and a camera.Gizmondo
Hong Kong clone of the Game Boy, it was not a real success because of its bad quality and lack of games.Watara Supervision

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