Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Quiz

Fill in the blanks to make the sentence true. Remember that every answer in here is in the Sorcerer's Stone (first book)!
Quiz by csgong2
Last updated: December 30, 2012
First submittedDecember 30, 2012
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______ told Harry he was a wizard.
Harry could _____ to the snake at the zoo.
Harry played ______ in the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
Harry saw his parents and ______ in the Mirror of Erised when he discovered the mirror.
Harry's two best friends are called Ron ______ and ______ Granger.
Weasley, Hermione
_____ __________ was the headmaster of Hogwarts during Harry's first year.
Albus Dumbledore
Aunt ______ and Uncle ______ found their nephew Harry on their doorstep ten years ago.
Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon
Professor _______ was the man with two faces Harry met in the area under the trapdoor.
Professor Quirrel
The train at platform ______ at eleven o'clock was the Hogwarts Express.
Nine and Three-Quarters
_______ wrote Harry Potter.
J. K. Rowling
Level 21
Apr 20, 2012
It took me lots of variations of release - let free, allow to absquatulate, let it escape, etc. - before I got it, but still a good quiz. Too easy!
Level 17
Apr 23, 2012
the snake question has too many variations. Try to accept more
Level 29
Nov 21, 2016
I agree. I tried to type 'talk' and it didn't work.
Level 16
Jul 16, 2019
It took me about 30 seconds or something to get it but I have to agree
Level 57
May 8, 2012
Good quiz but could you adjust what is acceptable for the mirror of erised question. Tried every variation on the correct answer but didn't include HIS so didn't get it, which is a bit frustrating!
Level 28
May 19, 2012
It accepted nine and three quarters even though I only wrote nine, Might want to fix that
Level 15
Jul 12, 2012
i think that you should put more variations or just have like some words like released, escaped, or let go in there because it took me a while to get it. good quiz though!
Level 42
Oct 20, 2012
Harry set the snake free. If you want more, you should ask. What did Harry accidently do....and how did he do it.
Level 21
Dec 31, 2012
Harry didn't see his parents AND family, his parents are his family.
Level 18
Nov 13, 2013
Harry say his parents with him. His parents are his family!!!
Level 25
Jan 27, 2014
No kidding, I tried so many different things including the philosopher's stone and sorcerer's stone, since he did see it in the mirror.
Level 34
Dec 8, 2014
In the book, along with his parents he could see his grandparents.
Level 30
Oct 27, 2018
He actually saw all of his family in the books, but in the movies he only saw his parents. It wasn't just his grandparents.
Level 21
Aug 27, 2015
The family one is pretty stupid. His parents ARE his family. I kept trying "himself" "him" "his reflection" because he didn't exactly see anything else in the mirror and I was so confused...
Level 30
Oct 27, 2018
it means the extended family. not just his parents.
Level 51
Aug 10, 2020
Yes. Agree.