Which South Asian Country? - Click Quiz

Given a clue, can you guess the major South Asian country that it describes? The difficulty will increase as you go along.
Only South Asian countries with populations over 1 million: sorry Bhutan and Maldives!
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Quiz by JWatson24
Last updated: April 6, 2023
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Was the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi
Has its capital at Dhaka
Has Tamil as an official language
Has the world's tallest mountain
Borders Afghanistan
Is home to the major film industry Bollywood
Has the highest population density
Bangladesh has a population density of 1,127 people/sq km, making it the 7th most dense country in the world.
Was never part of the British Empire
Had a cricket captain who became a Prime Minister
Imran Khan served as captain of the cricket team in the '80s and Prime Minister from 2018 to 2022.
Suffered a devastating economic collapse in 2022
In April 2022, Sri Lanka defaulted on its debt, leading to a mass uprising against the government.
Gained independence most recently
Bangladesh gained independence in 1971, while India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka gained independence between 1947 and 1948.
Has the world's largest tiger population
India has 2,603–3,346 tigers, far more than any other country on the planet.
Had a King who was assassinated by his own son
Prince Dipendra infamously murdered his father and mother, the King and Queen of Nepal, in a mass shooting in 2001.
Has fought a war against China
Was home to famed singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Had the world's first female Prime Minister
Sirimavo Bandaranaike was first elected in 1960, making her the world's first female Prime Minister.
Has the world's largest statue
The Statue of Unity, depicting Indian independence leader Vallabhbhai Patel, stands at a height of 597 feet, far taller than the closest competition (Spring Temple Buddha, 420 feet).
Was the birthplace of the Buddha
Is home to the famed beach Cox's Bazaar
Cox's Bazaar is the world's longest fully natural beach.
Has the most native Punjabi speakers
Pakistan has about 80.5 million Punjabi speakers while India only has about 31.1 million.
Has won the most Cricket World Cups
India has won twice and Pakistan and Sri Lanka have won once each.
Is mentioned in the Hindu epic "The Ramayana"
In the Ramayana, "Lanka" is the island ruled by the demon Ravana.
Contains most of the world's largest mangrove forest
Bangladesh holds about 2,516 square miles of the Sundarbans while India holds the other 1,345 square miles.
Has a major city known as "The Pink City"
Jaipur is known both for its striking architecture and its unique color scheme.
Has the lowest GDP per capita
Is building the largest mosque outside of Saudi Arabia
The Grand Jamia Mosque is scheduled to be completed in 2023, and will be the third largest mosque in the world.
Has the highest % of Christians
Sri Lanka is about 7.4% Christian, while the other countries of the region are all below 3%.
Does not use the rupee as currency
The currency of Bangladesh is the taka.
Has the "most dangerous airport in the world"
The Lukla Airport, the closest airport to the Everest Base Camp, is considered dangerous for its poor weather and unique terrain.
Has a temple dedicated to one of the Buddha's teeth
The famed "Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic" is found in Kandy, Sri Lanka and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Had a significant amount of territory under the Mongol Empire
About 65% of Pakistan was under Mongol rule; in contrast, the Mongols only captured parts of Kashmir in India.
Is the world's second largest garment exporter
Has communist terrorist groups known as Naxalites
Is the world's third largest tea exporter
Sri Lanka beats out India, which is the world's fourth largest tea exporter.
Is the most forested country in the region
41.6% of Nepal is covered in forest; the next closest is Sri Lanka with 34.2% coverage.
Does not recognize 2 UN member states
While both Pakistan and Bangladesh don't recognize Israel, Pakistan is the only country to not recognize Armenia as well.
Was once partially ruled by the Dutch
Sri Lanka was ruled first by the Portuguese, then the Dutch, then finally the British, who gained control of the whole island.
Is the largest contributor to UN Peacekeeping Forces
Is the world's largest producer of soccer balls
70% of soccer balls, including most used in the FIFA World Cup, come from Sialkot, Pakistan.
Has the world's largest Hindu temple
Pashupatinath Temple is a complex of temples in Kathmandu, stretched out over almost 1 square mile!
Has a mysterious "Skeleton Lake"
Roopkund is a popular trekking destination and earned its nickname from the hundreds of skeletons surrounding the lake.
Has the most polluted city in the world
Lahore has the worst air pollution in the world as of 2022; however, Delhi is not far behind, at 4th place.
Is often considered Asia's oldest democracy
Sri Lanka granted universal suffrage in 1931, the first Asian country to do so.
Became the first country to ban "The Satanic Verses"
India banned the book just 2 weeks after it was published, and Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal soon followed.
Was the birthplace of the designer of Chicago's Willis Tower
Fazlur Rahman Khan designed the Willis Tower, the world's tallest building from 1973 to 1998, as well as many other buildings in Chicago.
Has an ethnic group that practices ancient Hinduism
The Kalash are an isolated, indigenous people of Pakistan whose religion is a mix of ancient Hinduism and animism.
Has a popular hat style known as the "Dhaka Topi"
Part of the national dress of Nepal, the Dhaka Topi earned its name because it was made of fine cloth imported from Bangladesh.
Had a Prime Minister who consumed urine
Morarji Desai, Prime Minister from 1977 to 1979, famously practiced urine therapy. He lived to 99!
Has the deepest bridge in the world
The Padma Bridge has the deepest foundations of any bridge in the world, with its piles reaching 390 feet beneath the river bed.
Has the world's most remote Irish pub
Namche Bazaar is the last village before the Everest Base Camp and has an Irish pub--impressive for a village with no roads!
Sri Lanka
Level 71
Apr 6, 2023
If you're thinking of commenting, tell me your favorite fact!
Level 87
Apr 6, 2023
Great quiz! Some tricky ones on here, as well as some easier ones to balance them out. Not sure what my favorite fact is, but I'm definitely curious about the mysterious skeleton lake; about to do some research on the topic!
Level 71
Apr 6, 2023
Thanks! That one's really cool. There are a lot of theories about it but no one is exactly sure which one is right--I would definitely recommend looking into it!
Level 72
Apr 7, 2023
Nice quiz! Got 41, the answer to the GDP question was not something I expected.

My favourite fact: Apart from the Pink City, there's also Blue City (Jodhpur), Golden City (Jaisalmer), Red City (Bikaner) also known for its namkeens 😋 and White City (Udaipur) aka City of Lakes.

Rajasthan is one of my favourite states!

Level 71
Apr 7, 2023
Thanks Aficionado! Knew you would like this quiz :)

I've heard of the Blue and Golden Cities but not the White one, and I've heard of Bikaner but didn't realize it had a color pattern. I looked up all of the cities and they look gorgeous! If I get a chance to visit India someday (which I really hope to), Rajasthan is at the top of my bucket list.

Level 72
Apr 7, 2023
Yes, it's a really underrated state. People think it's a barren, desert state but it's not really.

Also Rajasthan has the best tourism ads out of all states in India.

See this playlist

It's in Hindi but you'll understand the context from videos :)

Level 71
Apr 10, 2023
Sorry for the late reply, but you're right. Awesome tourism ads :) Hope I can visit someday!
Level 74
Jun 18, 2023
Favourite was the Temple of the Tooth. One of the first tourist attractions I ever visited.
Level 71
Jun 18, 2023
Seems like a fascinating place. If you don't mind sharing your experience, I'd be happy to hear it. And of course, thanks for taking this quiz!