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11,5002017-10-03Donald Trump's New Travel Ban
4562017-08-10Countries that refuse Kosovo Passports
4512017-12-21Countries voting against recognizing Crimea as Ukraine (updated 2017)
4342024-01-21Countries that expressed Support for Palestine in Israel-Hamas War
3912020-11-20Countries voting to remove LGBT rights from UN resolution
3842024-04-23Russian Allies
3082017-06-23USA Allies
2812018-09-13AP US History Quiz 1 Part 1
2572017-08-07Countries voting against recognizing Crimea as Ukraine
2542024-05-08Countries that recognize the State of Palestine
2522017-06-23Countries with Russian Military bases
1842018-01-07Countries who voted for blocking the UN Resolutions on Crimea, North Korea, Syria, and Iran from happening
1792017-11-09Authoritarian Countries Supported by Russia
1682017-08-15Countries voting against condemning North Korea
1642018-12-03Authoritarian Countries Supported by the USA
1462020-01-10Countries voting to support Russian presence in Ukraine
1412017-07-30Countries voting against South Ossetia and Abkhazia being Georgia
1242021-03-29Countries that are members of Anti West Coalition at UN
1242020-10-01Countries that support the Lukashenko (Belarus) Government
1212018-09-13AP US History Quiz 1 Part 2
1142021-04-10Countries currently with Nationalist Governments
1092018-01-21Top 40 most utopian Countries
1072023-10-17Countries that did NOT condemn Hamas in October 2023
1042018-12-06Countries voting against condemning Hamas
1022020-10-05Countries condemning Human Rights of the US and the West
1012018-06-24Countries who opposed removing Russian Troops from Transnistria
962018-11-15Countries who against Crimea being Ukraine (2018)
952017-11-27Countries Voting Against condemning Syria (2017)
812018-11-23Countries who opposed Kosovo's interpol membership
812023-10-04Countries with Anti LGBT laws present
802018-12-09Countries sponsoring a UN Resolution to combat Nazism
802017-12-03Countries Voting Against Condemning Iran (2017)
802017-12-21Countries voting against Condemning the US position of Jerusalem
792019-07-27Countries expressing support for China in Uyghur Province
792017-11-27Countries Voting Against Condemning Myanmar
762020-07-20Countries that support China's Hong Kong Security Law
762017-06-21Countries Recognizing Crimea referendum
752018-10-11Countries not receiving US Military Aid and Training
752018-12-17Countries who voted against Sea of Azov being Ukraine
752021-01-29The Dictator Files: Enver Hoxha
742017-08-07Countries with Indian military bases
722023-09-26Allies of Russia
692019-05-06Countries voting against humanitarian aid to Venezuela
672020-11-18Countries voted against Ukraine on Crimea in 2020
662017-07-29Countries and Territories without Airports
632019-11-06Countries who voted to block the resolution on Syria (2019)
622023-09-08Countries that voted to remove protections for LGBT rights at the UN
612017-07-05Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members
602020-11-07Countries voting against removing praise for Russia in WW2
582023-10-17Countries that condemned Hamas in October 2023
572021-04-02Famous Atheists/Agnostics in Politics and Law
572020-04-21Countries sponsoring anti us sanctions bill to combat corona
562019-01-28Countries recognizing the Opposition Government of Venezuela
562018-09-22Countries who tried preventing the Crimea Resolution
542018-12-21Countries who voted to condemn US leaving INF Treaty
512017-08-15Countries voting against condemning Iran
492023-09-27Countries banning Transgenders/gender change
482019-06-06Countries against Georgia in Abkhazia & South Ossetia (2019)
482018-11-06Countries voting against condemning Syria Chemical incident
482020-01-27Countries without Apple Music
472022-04-18Countries voting against expelling Russia from Human Rights Council
472018-12-08Countries voting against condemning Syria at the OPCW
472024-01-23Countries supporting the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
462024-04-09Authoritarian Countries of 2024 (Democracy Index)
452017-08-28Top Ten countries/groups most likely to cause ww3 (joke list)
452023-09-06Every Country with a -5 or below score on Gay Friendliness
432017-06-23Countries recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia
432017-08-15Countries voting against condemning Syria
402018-10-16Countries voting against condemning Burundi
372020-03-24Countries that praised North Korea's rights record at UN
372023-09-11Countries that would support the Red states if US split into two
362023-10-29Countries with Strong relations with Iran
352019-09-16Countries voting against including Crimea resolution 2019
342017-06-24Countries getting most of its arms from Russia
342020-10-01Countries that support the Venezuela government at the UN
322023-09-08Economically Repressed Countries of 2023
322024-04-22Countries that score -5 or less on Gay friendly Index
312023-09-02Countries that voted against condemning Russia on Crimea at least once
302024-04-22Countries that saw noticeable decline in LGBT rights from 2023 to 2024
302020-11-18Countries voting against condemning Iran 2020
292021-02-06Countries voting against UN Syria inspection
272024-04-01Countries that unofficially recognize the Taliban government
252024-04-18Top Fifteen US Allies in Africa
252024-04-18Allies of the United States
242023-09-02Countries voting against condemning Iran (2022)
242024-04-18Countries with Hostile relations with the United States
232024-05-02Countries that don't recognize Kosovo
232023-09-11Countries that would support the Blue states if US split into two
222024-04-16Countries that congratulated Putin on the Russian 2024 election
202024-02-16Countries not receiving U.S. military aid (security) as of 2023
192023-09-03Countries with Constitutional or Explicit law bans on Gay Marriage
182023-09-06Countries that supported China on letters relating to Uyghur area
182018-10-28Countries for USA withdrawal from INF treaty (UN)
182023-08-18Countries in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
172024-04-26Countries that voted against condemning Assad's Syria at least once
172023-09-05Countries not receiving U.S. military aid (security) as of 2022
172024-01-18Countries against condemning Syria in 2023
172021-04-20U.S. Senators who voted to object to Arizona or Pennsylvania
162023-09-11Countries that voted support Russian Black Sea presence at least once
162023-09-02Countries voting against condemning Belarus (2006-2007)
162023-10-30Countries that prefer China over Taiwan
152023-09-10Countries that recognized the Maduro gov of Venezuela (2019-2023)
152019-06-22US trafficking persons report 2019 Tier 3
142024-02-17Countries against condemning Iran in 2023
142024-04-23Current Pariah States
122024-02-17Countries against condemning Russia in 2023
102024-04-29Countries opposing Syria missing persons case
92024-04-26Countries that voted against condemning Iran at least once (2017-2023)