Harry Potter: Hogwarts staff

How many members of the staff who work at Hogwarts can you name?
Only includes staff mentioned in Harry Potter books 1-7
If someone has held multiple positions they will be listed for all thier positions
Only last names required unless 2 staff members have the same surname then first name is also required
Quiz by sssb
Last updated: February 20, 2023
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First submittedJuly 10, 2017
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Apparition instructor
Wilky Twycross
Arithmancy teacher
Astronomy teacher
Care of Magical Creatures teacher (Books 1-2)
Care of Magical Creatures teacher (Books 3-7)
Rubeus Hagrid
Care of Magical Creatures teacher (Substitute)
Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank
Caretaker (Previous)
Apollyon Pringle
Caretaker (Books 1-7)
Argus Filch
Charms teacher
Filius Flitwick
Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (Riddle era)
Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (Book 1)
Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (Book 2)
Gilderoy Lockhart
Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (Book 3)
Remus Lupin
Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (Book 4)
Alastor Moody
Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (Book 5)
Dolores Umbridge
Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (Book 6)
Severus Snape
Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (Book 7)
Amycus Carrow
Divination teacher (Centaur)
Divination teacher (Human)
Sybill Trelawney
Examiner (Head)
Griselda Marchbanks
Examiner (Male)
Flying teacher
Gamekeeper (Previous)
Gamekeeper (Books 1-7)
Rubeus Hagrid
Headmaster (Healer)
Dilys Derwent
Headmaster (Portrait in ministry)
Headmaster (Portrait in Grimmauld Place)
Phineas Nigellus Black
Headmaster (Riddle era)
Armando Dippet
Headmaster (Books 1-6)
Albus Dumbledore
Headmaster (Book 7)
Severus Snape
Headmaster (Acting, books 3 and 6)
Minerva Mcgonagall
Headmaster (Unrecognised, book 5)
Dolores Umbridge
Head of Gryffindor (Riddle era)
Albus Dumbledore
Head of Gryffindor (Books 1-7)
Minerva Mcgonagall
Head of Slytherin (Riddle era, book 7)
Horace Slughorn
Head of Slytherin (Book 1-6)
Severus Snape
Head of Hufflepuff (Books 1-7)
Pomona Sprout
Head of Ravenclaw (Books1-7)
Filius Flitwick
Herbology teacher (Books 1-7)
Pomona Sprout
Herbology teacher (Epilogue)
Neville Longbottom
History of Magic teacher
Muggle Studies teacher (Books 3-6)
Charity Burbage
Muggle Studies teacher (Books 7)
Alecto Carrow
Potions master (Riddle era and books 6-7)
Horace Slughorn
Potions master (Books 1-5)
Severus Snape
Quidditch referee
Transfiguration teacher (Riddle era)
Albus Dumbledore
Transfiguration teacher (Books 1-7)
Minerva McGonagall
Level 66
Jul 18, 2017
This is a good idea. It is not redundant, for it is more comprehensive than the other quizzes on this subject. But, you have serious problems that must be fixed. It is not even worth taking this quiz until you do. These flaws include misspellings (cf. "potrait", "pervious", "head quarters"), missing capitalizations of proper nouns (cf. _O_rder of the Phoenix, Care of Magical _C_reatures, etc.), inconsistent formatting (cf. capitalization of words in parentheses), awkward phrasing (e.g., reference books, dates, or 'generational era' as in Riddle Era or Post-Epilogue/2nd Generation Era instead of Tom Riddle, Harry's children, et al.), jargon (cf. the lack of full names of classes), and failure to indicate in the instructions that names can and will be used more than once.
Level 37
Jul 25, 2017
Level 43
Feb 13, 2023
It’s Everard not Everad. Otherwise a good quiz.
Level 37
Feb 20, 2023
Fixed and thanks