The Ultimate Hunger Games Quiz

If you REALLY love THG, then you should get a 100%!!
Quiz by econ4evr
Last updated: November 15, 2012
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First submittedNovember 15, 2012
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Who is the main character?
First book
The Hunger Games
What almost killed Peeta in the 75th Hunger Games?
Force Field
Third book
Who does Katniss blame for Prim's death?
What happens to Peeta in Mockingjay?
How does Thresh die?
Who killed Rue?
Who killed Wiress?
Who is the leader of District 13?
Alma Coin
Who shares adjoining cells with Peeta at the capitol?
Who is Gale's youngest sibling?
Who tells Katniss to go through with her plan of killing Snow right before he/she died?
Who does Peeta accidentally kill while pods were going off in the streets of the Capitols?
What book does Katniss first kiss Gale?
Catching Fire
Level 18
Apr 21, 2012
Thresh was killed by Cato, and can you accept "brainwashed" for what happened to Peeta
Level 1
May 1, 2012
@girlplease I KNOW! i kept typing brainwashed!!
Level 37
May 4, 2020
It is not indefinite that cato killed thresh
Level 16
Feb 10, 2021
I mean you can guess, and also they specifically said HIJACKED in the books
Level 14
Apr 22, 2012
Yes, you shouldnt put unknown for a question like that
Level 14
May 3, 2012
What happened to Peeta in Mockingjay? Gee... a lot of things happened. A lot indeed. So much, they wrote a WHOLE BOOK ON IT.
Level 7
Oct 29, 2012
I agree with the other that a lot of the questions here are a little vague.

Technically, yes "Unknown" is the correct answer for how Thresh died, because we are not specifically told HOW he dies. Because of this, I did get the right answer. However, I think it's safe to presume his death was due to Cato or the Mutts, so you should accept these answers as well. I doubt he tripped and fell on a particularly sharp branch.

Also, like mariofan says, a lot did happen to Peeta in Mockingjay. Yes, his being Hijacked is the main event, but other stuff happened. Perhaps "What did the Capitol do to Peeta?" would be a better worded question.

And no, I don't agree that 'brainwashed' should be accepted for this answer. Brainwashed is more using methods such as hypnosis to make someone believe something, whereas with hijacking you are phsyically taking out someone's memories and replacing them with false ones. Besides, Suzanne Collins uses the word 'Hijacking' throught the book.

Level 29
Nov 22, 2012
I totally agree. The book and movie make it seem like he is killed by the mutts so that should be an acceptable answer
Level 27
Apr 17, 2022
In the book Thresh was killed before the mutts were released. In the movie he dies after but in the book he is not killed by the mutts.
Level 24
Dec 26, 2012
wow its a quiz, people! It's not like we need to debate over it I mean by golly!
Level 37
May 4, 2020
Thresh anonymously dies, no one knows the source of death. The book is different than the movie.
Level 16
Feb 10, 2021
Level 50
May 13, 2023
in the book and movie his screams are heard so mutts should be accepted