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This guy cares a lot about his appearance, frequently shaving and dressing in the latest fashion. He also likes being almost naked most of the time. Somewhat conceded, he doesn't get along with all the others, especially with one of them.Abraham
This girl calls herself "the queen of the platforms". She's very nice and friendly, and gets along with everybody else in the house. She likes a fellow cast-mate, but the feeling is not mutual. She drinks a lot and sleeps a lot too.Arantxa
This guy is usually sleeping, and is very chilled and relaxed. He's somewhat lazy, but gets along with everybody in the house. He also steals his boss's girlfriend.Clavelito
This girl is very calm, pacific, and friendly, but is not quite loyal, usually taking her cast-mates' guys for herself. She has a short affair with another cast-mate, but it ends after they both show little interest.Core
This guy has huge muscles, and is the strongest of the house. He's also the most mature and responsible, usually giving advice to the others. He gets sick and has to go to the hospital.Esteban
This girl is the most conservative one, due to the fact that she has a boyfriend. She has a tough personality but can also be very fun. There is always a constant fight between her and another cast-mate.Gata
This guy is always showing his abs, similar to Mike "The Situation" from Jersey Shore. He has a huge ego and believes all the girls like him. During the course of the show, he has an affair with a fellow cast-mate that ends in disaster, and causes a lot of trouble in the house.Labrador
This girl is a trouble maker. She's very honest and straightforward, and won't think twice to call out the wrongs of her roommates. During the course of the show, she has problems with most of the others, but that doesn't stop her from having a blast.Ylenia

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