Spongebob Squarepants Trivia

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Quiz by cdubb2
Last updated: April 25, 2012
First submittedApril 25, 2012
Times taken4,939
Average score85.0%
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In what does Spongebob live?
Where does Spongebob work?
Krusty Krab
Who is Spongebob's angry neighbor?
Who is Spongebob's best friend?
Who is a mammal?
What does Patrick live under?
A Rock
What is Spongebob's pet named?
What does Spongebob have as a pet?
A Snail
What is Sandy's profession?
What does Plankton try to steal?
Secret Formula
Who is Spongebob's boss?
Mr. Krabs
What sport does Spongebob partake in?
What is Spongebob's profession?
What kind of creature is Spongebob?
What shape is Spongebob Squarepants?
Where is Sandy from?
What is Patricks last name?
Where is Spongebob from?
Bikini Bottom
What can Spongebob not pass?
Boating Exam
What is Lary's profession?
Life gaurd
Level 32
Apr 24, 2012
Can you accept "fry cook" for Spongebob's job? Also it looks like you made a typo and put "lifegaurd" instead of "lifeguard." Fun quiz though!
Level 32
Apr 24, 2012
can you also accept secret recipe or something along those lines for the plankton question?
Level 61
Apr 25, 2012
Spent the better part of two minutes guessing at just that one question. Even though I typed in the answer exactly as it appeared, it did not register until I typed "secret recipe" for some reason. I also thought karate was the "sport" Spongebob partook in. Never considered jellyfishing a sport.
Level 26
Jun 6, 2016
also accept crabby patty for that 1
Level 27
May 27, 2020
But they never refer to it as a secret recipe, so it shouldn't count
Level 32
Apr 24, 2012
Yeah, the secret formula answer and life guard answers are messed up
Level 73
Apr 25, 2012
Why don't you accept " rectangle "???

It's a correct answer!!!

Level 1
Dec 5, 2017
He isn't a rectangle, he's a square.
Level 22
Apr 25, 2012
I agree with all the above, and a sponge isn't a creature..
Level 31
Apr 25, 2012
A sponge is a creature.... its an animal that lives under the sea... what world are you living in!!!! Great Quiz though... 20/20 in 47 seconds
Level 20
Sep 21, 2012
The question shouldn't be where is spongebob from... it should be where does spongebob live... Because we don't know where he was actually born....
Level 17
Feb 21, 2013
spelt 'lifeguard' wrong!
Level 12
Mar 22, 2013
Can you accept drivers test or dfrivers exam? Also, life "gaurd" isnt the correct spelling...
Level 9
Mar 24, 2013
You misspelled "lifeguard"..
Level 44
Jul 25, 2013
I put in life GUARD and it didn't take it. Totally not fair. The person that made this quiz needs to check it before they submit it. They should also ask where spongebob lives instead where he is from.
Level 15
Oct 4, 2013
You spelled "guard" incorrectly and it is one word, making "Lifeguard".
Level 16
Nov 7, 2013
couldn't get secret formula and life guard but just because of the typo in life guard and I wrote kraby patty recipe
Level 34
Jun 8, 2014
3 things. 1) You should accept "recipe" or "formula" for What is Plankton trying to steal. 2) Lary is actually spelled "Larry". 3) Lifeguard is one word, not two.
Level 48
Feb 2, 2015
Lifeguard is spelled incorrectly
Level 13
Jul 21, 2015
SpongeBob is a square not a rectangle because he said he was when he was taking the friend test with Patrick
Level 15
Sep 11, 2016
Oh my freakin God I typed"

the secret formula

the krabby patty secret formula

the secret recipe

the krabby patty secret recipe

a krabby patty

I mean I was trying so hard wtf.

And LarRy is a lifegUArd

Level 36
Oct 4, 2016
Lifeguard is spelled wrong!!!!!!!!!!!
Level 25
Oct 20, 2016
Can you accept "driving test" instead of boating exam
Level 47
Oct 28, 2016
is this a joke? i was supposed to get 20/20 BUT SOMEONE misspelled life guard? you had me questioning my knowledge of spongebob!!! shame on you all!
Level 76
Jun 16, 2017
I misspelled life guard and got it. Ha! But it's funny and sad to see that the person who made this quiz hasn't updated it in five years.