The Walking Dead Season Two Trivia

Answer the following questions based on AMC's The Walking Dead. These questions are based on season two only, NOT the comic and NOT any other season.
Quiz by iTawmee
Last updated: May 18, 2013
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Lead Character; Sheriff; Group Leader
Rick Grimes
Lead's Best Friend; Sheriff; Murdered and Turned Walker; Deceased
Shane Walsh
Lead's Wife; Pregnant
Lori Grimes
Lead's Son
Carl Grimes
Survivor who is fighting inner demons; becoming a better person; good huntsman
Daryl Dixon
Grows feelings for huntsman; loses daughter to walkers
Carol Peletier
Daughter who goes missing; is found a walker; Deceased
Sophia Peletier
Young Korean Man; Scavenger; Grows feelings for farmer's daughter
Owner of Farm; believes he can heal walkers
Hershel Greene
Farmer's daughter; loves Korean
Maggie Greene
Accidently shoots Lead's Son; is betrayed by Lead's best friend
Suicidal; youngest daughter of farmer
Beth Greene
Oldest daughter of farmer; Deceased
Patricia Greene
Lived on farm before group came here; tries to shoot gun like a gangsta; Deceased
Great marksman; gets very close to Lead's best friend; got over suicidal thoughts
The "voice of reason"; driver of RV; Deceased
Dale Horvath
Captured by survivors, held prisoner; tried to kill them; murdered by Lead's best friend; Deceased
Wants to go East after the farm is overrun; very quiet, non-included character
Setting for the majority of Season Two
Secret revealed by Lead Character at end of season that makes everyone question his leadership.
Everybody is infected
Lead Character killed this many people in a bar in self defense
What did the owner of the farm give up, but start up again when the Lead's best friend killed the walkers in the barn?
What did the Huntsman seem to care most about in the first half of the season?
Finding Sophia
A hallucination of this man almost let the huntsman to try and kill the lead character.
Merle Dixon
How was the prisoner killed by the Lead's best friend?
Broken Neck
The survivors left supplies for the missing daughter where?
The Lead Character's Wife is pregnant, but it is unknown whether the true father is....
Rick or Shane
The prisoner knew the Korean man's girlfriend from where?
High School
This many people died when the farm was overrun by Walkers.
"I hear ____________'s nice."
"A life is worth more than a five minute ____________!"
"I killed my ___________ for you people!"
Best Friend
"This ain't a ____________ no more."
"This is my farm. I'll _____ here."
Level 34
Jun 19, 2012
Great Quiz. I would suggest adding more variations for some of the answers like school instead of high school and stuff like that
Level 3
Jan 16, 2013
Patricia isn't one of Hershel's daughters, she's Otis' girlfriend.
Level 3
Jan 16, 2013
Try my Walking Dead Season 1 Ultimate Fan Quiz! :D
Level 1
Feb 14, 2013
"A life is worth more than a five minute ____________!" the answer is wrong here, and at everybody is infected you need to accept more options! Great quiz though!
Level 17
Feb 2, 2014
For how many people died, I put two and 2, nothing, but I got the other one right that the answer is "two" ... just weird.
Level 44
Nov 15, 2015
I typed in Carol nothing happened, I typed in 2 and Two and it only happened for one answer?????
Level 7
Sep 20, 2016
Patricia was not Hershel's daughter.........