"To Kill a Mockingbird" Quiz

Answer these questions on "To Kill a Mockingbird." You will have to be a true genius to score perfectly.
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Last updated: February 26, 2018
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Who was the author?
Harper Lee
What state did this take place in?
Who is the narrator?
Jean Louise "Scout" Finch
Who is the brother of ^?
Jeremy Atticus Finch
Who is the father of ^?
Atticus Finch
Who is the cook of ^?
Who was the man convicted?
Tom Robinson
^ was convicted of what crime?
Who was the "victim?"
Mayella Ewell
Who is the father of ^?
Bob Ewell
Who is the son of ^?
Burris Ewell
Who is the teacher offended by ^?
Miss Caroline
Who is the student that calmed ^?
Walter Cunningham Jr.
Who was the mysterious neighbor?
Boo Radley
Who is the brother of ^?
Nathan Radley
Who did ^ joke about marrying?
Maudie Atkinson
Who got stuck in ^'s burning house and escaped?
Dick Avery
^ lived across the street from which neighbor addicted to morphine?
Henry Lafayette Dubose
Who was Scout and Jem's friend?
Charles "Dill" Baker Harris
Who is the aunt of ^?
Rachel Harverford
Who is the gossip lady in the neighborhood?
Stephanie Crawford
Who is the judge?
John Taylor
Who was the mother of the person convicted of the crime?
Helen Robinson
Who did ^ work for?
Link Deas
Who is the aunt of the main character?
Alexandra Hancock
Who led the club that ^ was in?
Grace Merriweather
What did the father shoot that gave him the nickname, "Ole One Shot?"
How many times was the person accused shot? (Spell Out)
What did the protagonists' friend claim that the two were doing when they snuck off?
Strip Poker
What did the main character's brother lose when they snuck off?
What did the main character's brother cut from the mean neighbor's yard?
What was the brother required to do to the mean neighbor after cutting the ^?
How long did the brother have to ^ to her?
One Month
What was increased every time during the time period of ^?
What did the victim's father die from?
Kitchen Knife
When did this occur?
What did the main character have to wear on ^?
Ham Costume
Where did this take place?
The School
What did the main character leave at ^?
Her Shoes
What is the dad's profession?
What was the verdict of the trial?
Where does the friend live during the school year?
Meridian, Mississippi
It is a _____ to kill a mockingbird.
Where did the protagonist find gum? (One word)
What does the friend want to be when he grows up?
A clown
What was in Dolphus Raymond's bag?
Coca Cola
Where was the colored section of the courthouse?
The balcony
What major problem is reflected in this story?
How many years did "To Kill a Mockingbird" last? (Spell Out)
How many chapters are in "To Kill a Mockingbird?" (Spell Out)
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