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Last updated: January 13, 2013
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Painted the Sistine Chapel
Invented the telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
Only mammal that can't jump
How many Oscars did Alfred Hitchcock win?
Nairobi is the capital of what country?
Hitler's religion
How many squares are there on a chess board?
Pope's personal bodyguard
Swiss Guard
What college did Michael Vick go to?
VA Tech
Largest city in Latvia
Greek god of war
Who is the Teddy Bear named after
Theodore Roosevelt
DEA stands for...
Drug Enforcement Agency
Who wrote "The Count of Monte Cristo" ?
Alexandre Dumas
What was the Soviet Union's first occupation?
Andrew Jackson was most famous for his victory at ___ In the War of 1812
New Orleans
Kanye West is from what American city?
Which country is said to be the most diverse speaking, with over 850 languages?
Papua New Guinea
Which actor played Sam in "Transformers"
Shia Labeouf
In WWII which country suffered the most casualties
Capital city of Canada
Which American general came out victorious at the battle of Gettysburg?
General George Mead
African slaves were first brought to the America's in what town
Jamestown, VA
The "Big Apple" refers to...
In Starwars, who killed Obi Wan?
Darth Vader
The Gallapagos islands belong to what country?
Tony the Tiger represents what brand?
Frosted Flakes
Smallest country in land mass
Vatican City
#34 on the Chicago Bears was retired for this player
Walter Payton
Which country produces the most wool?
Big Bass Pro Shop is the #1 tourist attraction in what US state?
How many home runs did Babe Ruth have?
Who founded Scientology?
L Ron Hubbard
What iconic English monarch was born 8 September, 1157?
Richard I "The Lion Heart"
Potbelly Sandwiches was created in 1977 by...
Peter Hastings
William the Conquerer invaded what region of France?
In spanish, "el aleman" means...
What Vehicle company makes the "Outback" ?
Second biggest city in South Africa
Cape Town
The Asiatic lion reigns in the western part of what country?
NBA player with most career points
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Your my brotha from another ______
Mt. Everest is located in what country?
In WWII Poland was invaded and split between Germany &...
Soviet Union
What # was Michael Jordan on the Bulls
Largest battle in the American Civil War
The McDonald's franchise opened in what year?
Kia opperates out of what Country?
South Korea
Capital of Belarus
JFK stands for...
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Level 55
May 5, 2012
Several misspellings that made my answers incorrect! Ottawa not Ottowa and Drug Enforcement Agency not Drug Enforcemant Agency. Also why not take Richard for the iconic English monarch and Jabbar for NBA player. Most other quizzes don't make you spell the whole name especially with so many questions.
Level 47
Oct 27, 2021
It is Drug Enforcement Administration, not Agency.
Level 34
May 6, 2012
Thanks to both of you I will fix all of those, and for richard, it accepts Richard I
Level 16
May 8, 2012
Could you accept VT for the Virginia Tech Question, since that's what everyone from Virginia calls that school
Level 31
May 9, 2012
Shia LaBeouf
Level 34
May 9, 2012
Sure, and ill change Shia labeouf
Level 18
May 9, 2012
You should accept Catholicism as well as Catholic.
Level 30
May 10, 2012
for the tony the tiger question, can you accept frosties as that's what they are in the UK
Level 71
Jun 27, 2012
OK, this is strange. I tried Theodor Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosvelt, Roosvelte, Rosevelt, Rosevelte, but none of them worked. Do you accept just the last name?

I think Kellogg's Frosties should be an acceptable answer for the serials, and Christianity for Hitler's religion.

Also, one L in Galápagos.

Level 22
Jun 25, 2016
Christianity isn't specific enough... it can mean lots of things besides Catholic
Level 22
Jun 25, 2016
And isn't it TheodorE?
Level 68
Sep 7, 2012
once you type in "C-A-T-H-O-L-I-C-..." youre already done!
Level 68
Sep 7, 2012
pretty sure a blue whale cant jump...just saying
Level 46
Nov 25, 2012
Inventor of the telephone is spelled Alexander GRAHAM Bell
Level 32
Apr 22, 2013
Frosted Flakes are called Frostie's in the UK.
Level 24
Jul 13, 2013
Please accept Frosties as that's what they are called in the UK. Also I believe Hitler didn't really have a religion as he was completely self obsessed. He only promoted Catholic views to win votes, but he believed in Norse Gods and Valhalla, so please remove that question. Can you also accept Vader for Darth Vader.
Level 36
Aug 22, 2014
Kanye West is from Atlanta, Georgia, not Chicago. Where do you get your information?
Level 48
Oct 24, 2014
DEA stands for Drug Enforcement Administration - not agency - unless you are in liberia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_Enforcement_Agency
Level 22
Jun 25, 2016
I thought that JFK was Just For Kids!
Level 25
Jun 12, 2017
Level 51
Oct 20, 2017
Accept Vatican?
Level 28
Dec 31, 2019
On the Bass Pro Shops I immediately guess Missouri because i went to one in Branson, AND IT WAS RIGHT!
Level 59
Apr 22, 2020
Several missing type-ins : PNG for Papua New Guinea, Vatican for Vatican City and Kennedy for John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Also, the country that suffered the most casualties in WWII wasn't Russia (which didn't exist as an independent country at the time) but the Soviet Union. I know it's accepted, but it should actually be the answer that shows up. Good quiz apart from that.