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2972017-08-23Russian Cities with the biggest population
1972017-08-25German Cities with the biggest population
1632017-08-25Spanish Cities with the biggest population
1622020-02-04Countries that don't have taxes
922017-08-2422 countries that have no army
902017-07-18Guess that country #2
802018-05-22Guess what countries have at least 3 A's in it's name
792017-07-24Guess that Country
672018-05-21Portuguese Empire Trivia
642017-08-23Canadian Cities with the biggest population
642017-08-25Portuguese Cities with the biggest population
602018-03-01Fix the typo
482019-10-11Who am I
462017-08-25Brain test
432017-08-30Best Movies ever made
392017-08-31Things you would probably never knew
362017-07-24Guess that State
352018-05-15Question you probably never heard before
302022-06-14General Knowledge
302018-02-28Revolutionary War heroes
302017-07-25Guess that Person
292017-08-2810 countries and territories that don't pay taxes
292017-07-24Guess that State #2
192017-08-22Solar Eclipse of 2017
192018-06-23Root Word Quiz 1
192019-10-10Name the Civilization
182017-08-22Guess that Presidents
172018-12-28Spanish Time
172017-08-25Brazilian cites with the largest population
172018-05-22Brain Quiz 2
172018-05-15You definitely never knew this
162017-11-18Famous People 2
152018-03-16Things you probably never knew 2
132017-09-01Things you probably never knew 3
92018-03-02Portuguese Presidents
82018-03-25Principles and law of fluids and gasses
72018-05-23Systems of my body
42019-03-18Answer the Joke
32018-05-21Famous People
22018-07-15Owners of famous places