Physics General Knowledge

Can you answer these basic Physics facts?
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Last updated: December 28, 2018
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What is Newton's first law of motion?
Law of Inertia
What is the energy of position?
Potential Energy
What law states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant - it is said to be conserved over time. Law of _____ __ _____
Conservation of Energy
What is Earth's gravitational constant?
What is the visible color which has the shortest wavelength?
Which has a higher frequency, infrared or microwave?
What is the base unit of electric current in the International System of Units?
Amplitude is the _____ of a wave measured from its center position.
In Meteorology, what is used to measure atmospheric pressure?
A Black Hole is a region in space-time where _____ prevents anything, including light, from escaping.
Which upward force exerted by a fluid opposes the weight of an immersed object?
Buoyant Force
Which law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference across the two points?
Ohm's Law
What happens when light seen coming from an object that is moving away is proportionally increased in wavelength, or shifted to the red end of the spectrum?
In Physics, what is a quantity without direction?
What physical property of matter quantitatively expresses the common notions of hot and cold?
Level 51
Nov 8, 2017
Is the device used to measure air pressure spelled with only one 'r'? This may explain the low percentage of correct results for the question.
Level 21
Mar 10, 2018
I'm sorry for the mistake. I have fixed the spelling error.
Level 50
Mar 22, 2018
I put in "buoyancy" and it said it was wrong :( I think you misspelled "bouyant force" its bUOyant force, you mixed up the u and the o
Level 69
Dec 23, 2018
I suggest to accept buoyancy for buoyant force, and bar for barometer. Cause the way it was written I thought you meant what unit is used and not what tool/equipment is used. I suggest either accept both or specify the question
Level 37
Nov 19, 2019
Maybe for the Amplitude one accept 'maximum displacement' from its equilibrium position
Level 48
Sep 13, 2022
Yes, it is not necessarily height, it can be in any direction.
Level 78
Jun 10, 2023
Please allow "potential" instead of "potential energy," since "energy" is in the question.