Statistics for Disney TV Shows

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New nanny works to raise somewhat spoiled children in a spiffy new york apartment.Jessie
African American pyschic works to live a normal life in San Fran with her two loyal side kicks by her side... hint* life is mysterious to her, yeaaahhhh. Yep that's me!That's so Raven
The two tweens, now grown up, move their studies to a luxury cruise ship... p.s. this is an unsuccessful spinoff in my opinion...Suite Life on Deck
She writes, he rocks....Austin and Ally
Two tweens live it up in a fancy smancy hotelSuite Life of Zack and Cody
Blonde or Brunette.... hmmm...Hannah Montana
Is he EVEN, or odd. EVEN, or odd. I could never figure it out.Even Stevens
* BONUS: NOT a Disney Channel TV show... 4 scientists have many adventures with one sassy and sexy blonde named PennyThe Big Bang Theory
Canadian show wayyy back in the day (like 2004, 2005) two different families clash when the mom and dad of separate families marry... Livin' life with _______Life with Derek
Another Canadian show, developed from Disney Channel original movie, Edward Cullen's equalMy Babysitter's a Vampire

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