Statistics for Nickelodeon Shows

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Three teens are tired of other teens' talent going to waste, so they create a web show about it. In 5, 4, 3, 2iCarly
Sponge and his friend that is a starfish live it up in the big, blue sea.Spongebob Squarepants
Two brothers become related and have adventures... their little sister starts trouble and is mischieviousDrake and Josh
Hollywood arts school accepts new comerVictorious!
babies have wild adventures... for some reason, the parents know nothing of this.Rugrats
Girl and her brother go to boarding school on the Pacific Coast... SUSHI ROXX!!!Zoey101
Young teen becomes the VP of a fashion company.True Jackson: VP
The babies are all grown up now! Spin off show.All Grown Up
Show in the 90's: Two African American friends try to live in the complicated world around them... one of the stars is now on the hit comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Live!Kenan and Kel
Teen has her own show that is also a sketch comedy show, the show is named after her.The Amanda Show
Hint: Ginger. Cartoon in the early 2000s up to 2009As Told By Ginger
New show: Girl and her new nerd friends make cool music... Starring Cymphonique MillerHow to Rock
Two dumb surfers have wonderful times together and have constant standoffs with their enemy who is named after lotion. Short lived show.Bucket and Skinner's Wild Adventures

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